Carpool Candy Holiday Gift Guide for kids 2015

I don’t know about you, but my kids don’t need squat! I’ve been feeling kind of sick about all the “stuff” they have– most of which they don’t use or appreciate. Every parenting book I’ve ever read says providing children with traditions and enriching experiences creates memories that lead to happy and secure kids.

So this year I’m putting an emphasis on gifts that will provide creative, fun activities– many that don’t even require batteries!

But hey, I’m not Amish. I know people still like to give stuff so there’s plenty of that on the list too. On that note, I give you the Carpool Candy Holiday Gift Guide 2015….

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Happy Holidays!

knockerball on holiday gift guide

Knocker Ball session–  Have you seen this? Kids and adults get in these ridiculous inflatable plastic ball suits and roll around. You can roll, flip, and knock down your friends or try playing KnockerBall soccer. KnockerBallers describe the sensation as almost defying gravity, without putting any stress on the body.  I think I’d be laughing like a hyena the entire time. There are places to play all over the country for about $35 an hour for six people. If you’re really nuts, you can even buy your own for the back yard. ($250 each)

dinosaur head light on

Light and sound headlamps— This hands-free LED flashlight makes realistic animal sounds that will liven up your bedtime reading routine. Great for independent readers who– lil me– still like the feel of a book in both hands.  Adjustable elasticized band with Velcro® closure. Dinosaur or frog ($25)  If this guy is too intimidating, try these options…

panda light on

Amazon has an adorable panda or lion  ($10)

lego mini headlamps on

Or f your kid is more into superheroes or Star Wars, these lights are cool too. ($28)

Grommet ponytail hat on carpool holiday gift guide

Cableknit ponytail hat-– Peekaboo hats are designed to let your hair hang out. These adorable knit hats feature two hidden holes (for high and low ponies) in the back for your ponytail to peek right through.  You can keep your head warm and your hair pretty. Machine washable, comes in black and white.  ($40)yogibo beanbags on holiday gift guide

Yogibo giant beanbags–   My kids borrowed a few of these monster beanbags for a recent sleepover and they were a huge hit.  With zillions of beads, they conform to your body’s shape and are super comfy, especially for video game playing. The full-size Yogibo Max functions as a chair — and also as a recliner, sofa, or bed when you want to stretch out from head to toe. ($100 and up)

singalong ipad stand on

iPad Karaoke stand— This is an adjustable microphone stand with an integrated dock and speakers that transform an iPad into a personal soundstage. Crooners simply connect an iPad or any device with a headphone jack to the dock at the top and use the attached microphone to sing along with music saved in their iTunes library. Your melodic voice is transmitted through 2 powerful speakers in the base, and you can adjust the volume, balance, and echo to achieve chart-topping best holiday gift guide for kids 2015, best gifts for boys 8 to 14, best gifts for girls 8 to 14, best holiday gifts for girls 2015, best holiday gifts for boys 2015, cool gifts for boys into space,cool gifts for boys into dinosaurs, best creative gifts for kids, best gifts for kids who have everything, best gifts for teen girls, best gifts for teen boys, best gifts for sporty boys, best drone for kids, best gift for kids who love sneakers, sound. A recipe fro teen fun. ($110)skyviper_video drone on holiday gift guideHD video drone— For future CIA agents….the Sky Viper Video Surveillance Drone takes astounding high-def videos from up to 200 feet away with an onboard SkyProTM 720p HD camera, giving kids and adults a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood or backyard. The camera can even pivot to capture astounding 360-degree panoramic views. Comes complete with a remote control, 4GB memory card that can capture up to 20 minutes of video and replacement propellers and screws. ($80)

Grommet zipbuds on holiday gift guide

Tangle-free Zip Buds–  Zipbuds put an end to tangled headphone cords with a zippy design. The unique zipper-integrated cabling uses military-grade technology to provide strength and performance. Cool choice for music lovers. ($25)

grommet embellished hair ties on carpool holiday gift guide

Embellished hair ties—  For the gal who wears her ponytail holders around her wrist, some bling to brighten your arm and your hair. I love a gift that’s functional and pretty. (3 for $15)

toothfairy pillow and journal on carpool holiday gift guide

Toothfairy pillow and journal– For the kid who loves tradition. A little handmade pillow to hold a lost tooth until the tooth fairy arrives, and a matching journal to keep track of lost teeth and loot attained. Journal also includes interesting facts about dental hygiene. (Didn’t know there were any but ok!)  ($30)

uncommon goods claymation kit on holiday gift guide

Stop-motion claymation kit — For the creative kid on your list….Explore the amazing art of DIY animation with this creative claymation kit. Claymation combines the principles of stop-motion animation with the fun flexibility of clay modeling for an easy introduction to movie making. The kit includes creature-creating clay, a miniature stage, interchangeable backdrops, props, detailed guidebook, and a phone stand. Just add your own smartphone with a stop-motion app of your choice, and practice saying “action!” ($20)

KIndle Fire HD kids on holiday gift guideKindle Fire HD — This tablet is made especially for kids with a thick protective case and parental controls to limit screen time and content access. Includes a 7-inch IPS display and front and rear cameras. Unlimited, free access to 10,000 kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games with 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited included.  Plus, a 2-year worry-free guarantee: if they break it, return it and Amazon will replace it for free– no questions asked. The gift that keeps on giving!  ($100-150)

Jenga Giant game on holiday gift guide

Giant Jenga XL game— Get bigger crashes with this extra-large version of the classic Jenga game. As you stack the cardboard blocks and pull them out, you get a tower three times higher than the original game. Great for all ages. ($20)

dareway scooter on holiday gift guide

Dareway scooter— I’d be remiss if I didn’t put this guy on the list. It seems every kid wants a hoverboard, but if you don’t want to fork over the $400, try this Feber Dareway 12V standing ride-on scooter. Kids will love driving it, with a foot pedal accelerator to control forward motion and handle-grip buttons to allow turns and 360° spins.  Travels up to 3.7 mph which is about as fast as I want my kids to go. ($200)

pb kids faux fur sleeping bag on


Faux fur sleeping bag— Kids ( especially girls) like luxury so spoil them with this supersnuggly sleeping bag, or unzip it for a cozy throw. Teen version in chic animal prints, little kid version in adorable animal shapes. ($169)elephant rattle on holiday gift guideWood baby rattle: I’m a sucker for a baby gift and these handmade hardwood wood rattles are cute and easy on teething tykes.  ($18)

sneakercon on carpool holiday gift guide

Sneaker Con tickets  — If your kids are obsessed with shoes like mine, Sneaker Con is the mecca of lace ups.  The show travels to several cities every year– including NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, LA, and Miami — offering common ground for sneaker connoisseurs to buy, sell and trade some of the most sought after footwear on the market. If you’re really nice, you’ll get the tickets and a budget to buy. (Tickets are $25 and up)

spinning spgahetti fork on holiday gift guide

Spinning spaghetti fork–  Great stocking stuffer….Eating pasta is now easier and more fun. Twirling is a better way to eat spaghetti but my kids have never been quite able to manage it. This motorized fork makes linguini a luxury again. Dishwasher safe. ($9)

messless chocolate milk mixing mug on


Messless chocolate milk mug— Moooooove over fork! While we’re on fun kitchen gadgets, how about this mug that mixes your chocolate milk for you with the touch of a button? Works for hot and cold milk. ($15)

StickerYou Laptop stickers on carpool holiday gift guide

Laptop stickers–  Custom die-cut vinyl stickers in any size and shape personalize laptops, tablets or liven up our locker. You can use photos for custom stickers or choose from hundreds of designs in various categories including animals, sports, art, music and more.  They’re weather resistant, water-proof, and will stick on most surfaces and materials but can be removed easily, leaving no messy residue behind. ($10 and up)

photo playing cards on carpool holiday gift guide

Photo playing cards–  Kids never tire of seeing pictures of themselves so why not create a custom deck of playing cards with their shining faces on the back? Choose 1 to 4 photos, and/or add words or initials. They’ll think you’re aces.  ($20)

M and M peace blanket on carpool holiday gift guide

M&M’s plush blanket —  I’m not sure why my kids love plush, but they do and this cozy blanket combines softness and their affection for candy. Sweet! ($30)

Sticker gum on holiday gift guide

StickerGum—  Speaking of sweet….StickerGum was started by two intrepid Jersey sisters (even before they were tweens!) looking for a kid-friendly way to raise money for charity. Their edible artwork turned fundraising enterprise has now evolved into a grassroots passion project. StickerGum is a collectible novelty bubblegum customized with full-color images, individually packaged with matching glossy stickers. Their signature flavor Be Original™ is made with 100% natural chicle harvested sustainably in the rain forests of Central America and proudly handcrafted in the U.S. It boasts great flavor, “rocks killer bubbles,” and has no artificial flavors or preservatives. Don’t blow it– create your own design or use a photo of your kids. ($2.50 per piece)

laser peg animal set on holiday gift guideLaser Pegs contruction set— Construction toys never get old in my house. My kids still fiddle around with our Magnatiles when they pry themselves away from screentime–  and these light up Laser Peg sets are the next big thing in building. The options are endless– from this 12-in-1 animal set to an Indy race car to helicopters, spaceships, and architectural landmarks. Go back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the world and build your favorites like the Brachiosaur, Stegosaur, T-Rex, Velociraptor, and many more. And after you build them, THEY LIGHT UP!  (from $12-60)

little passports package on holiday gift guide

LittlePassports subscription—  Here’s a gift that lasts throughout the year and is truly educational and enriching. Travel to international countries or explore the 50 states and learn about their culture, food and geography through activities, games, treasure hunts, puzzles and interactive maps. The first month kids receive a discovery kit and passport and then each month explorers get a themed package including information on landmarks, music, animals, food, art, oceans, natural wonders, world coins, space, science, celebrations, habitats, transportation, insects, and sports. It’s travel without the expense and long TSA lines! ($12 per month with subscription)


Didn’t find the right fit on this list? Try my list from 2013 and 2014 for more ideas!

Have a great gift to add to this list? Tell me in the comments. And stay tuned for the CCHGG for women and men coming soon!


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  1. The ponytail hat is brilliant! My kids love their twirling spaghetti spoons! And I just bought a camera-outfitted drone for my brother-in-law. 🙂 Bravo! xo