Brooke is a journalist/writer/editor/blogger.  She wrote a weekly family life column called “Carpool Candy,” on AOL’s Patch.com starting in 2009, which eventually morphed into the carpoolcandy.com blog.  She has written news and feature stories for NBC’s Today.com, the AP, Glamour, NewYorkTimes.com, FoxNews.com, WashingtonPost.com, HuffingtonPost, ABCNews.com, Yahoo, Salon and Time.

Brooke and sons

She edits the World and U.S. pages at FoxNews.com and has more than 15 years of experience as a TV news producer for both ABC and Fox, covering a variety of stories from political conventions to “American Idol” finales.  As a senior producer at Fox, she was in charge of editorial content and breaking news for more than 130 affiliates.

She is also wife to Wilson, who got his moniker from his desire to stay under the radar whenever possible. Remember Wilson, the next door neighbor from the 80’s sitcom  “Home Improvement”? You never saw his face, but he was always supportive and gave Tim great advice. Also, Tom Hanks’ sidekick soccer ball in the movie “Castaway,” was called Wilson and provided silent encouragement.

Come to think of it, all of her kids are named after pop culture characters.  14-year-old Jacob is named after Jake Ryan, the coolest guy in school in “16 Candles.”  11-year-old Aden is named for both the actor Aidan Quinn (she saw him play Hamlet onstage once and was changed forever) and one of Carrie Bradshaw’s best boyfriends on “Sex and the City.”  8-year-old Eli’s name was inspired by a teenaged character in the ABC drama “Once and Again.” 

So there you have it. Very little original thought, but a lifetime dedicated to TV, movies, and books.  Brooke also makes time to practice yoga and eat cookies.  She lives with her family in New Jersey and reluctantly drives a minivan.

Follow Brooke on Twitter @carpoolcandy.

12 responses to “About

  1. Amrita Kraakman

    Hi Brooke,
    I wanted to get in touch with you regarding a picture on your blog. Can i sent you an email? Would be great!
    Thank you
    Amrita Kraakman (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  2. Hi Brooke,

    I couldn’t find a better way to contact you than to comment here, but we wanted to let you know that Pie in the Sky in Woods Hole has a new website! You can now visit us at http://www.pieintheskywoodshole.com. We would appreciate if you would update the information on your website to reflect this change. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    Susan Marietta
    Pie in the Sky
    10 Water Street
    Woods Hole, MA 02543

  3. Ellen Grunsell

    Dear Brooke, Yesterday I was putting some jewelry away and there sitting as always was the bracelet I got when I was in high school with the name of a POW on it. I looked at it and thought, gee I could google that name, CDR Robert Doremus. And so began my search which brought me to your blog. I see from the comments left on your blog that his daughter is on facebook so I will try and write to her there. I’ve looked at this bracelet for so long, never knowing his service to our country and that he actually returned home.
    I enjoyed your post on Veterans Day. My father served overseas in the Army during WWII, and continued to serve in the Reserves. How could I possibly cast off or lose this remembrance/bracelet of such a sacrifice as this man gave for our country? I hope others have kept their bracelet and can do as I did, search for the name and learn what these men and woman did.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Ellen. Sorry it took me so long to see it! I’m glad you got some info and maybe some closure on Capt Doremus. I feel the same about the bracelet. It’s an important keepsake that will encourage us to continue telling the story of their service and sacrifice. Best to you and please stop by the blog again.

  4. Thanks for telling the story of what Veterans Day means to you. You father must have been quite a person.

  5. Barbara Doremus Johnson

    Brooke, I am trying to get in touch with you. I just read the blog you wrote about what Veteran’s Day means to you. Cmd. Robert B. Doremus (now Capt. Robert D. Doremus) is my father. How can I reach you? I am on facebook as Barbara Doremus Johnson, if you can message me?

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  7. Hi Brooke. I enjoyed your review of Gretchen Rubin’s book and discovered your blog. I’d love to get your take on a book I self-published recently and how I can get broader exposure. I’m on a mission to raise college grads and young professionals’ consciousness about how to mooove ahead in the corporate world, thus the title “Mooove Ahead! of the Corporate Herd”. In the process, I’m donating all proceeds from the book to charities dealing with kids, pets, and cancer. I was featured recently in the Orange County Register frontpage column — http://www.ocregister.com/articles/wong-382793-book-time.html. I’d be happy to send you an ebook or a paperback. Thank you in advance in helping my cause.

  8. Stumbled upon your blog through FB and love it! Great story about Susie’s birthday wish. We all need to pay it forward.
    Thanks for sharing. Look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Yes, want to keep the acts of kindness going. I see that you work in children’s literacy. Check out my kid book reviews and let me know if you have any great titles. Always looking for new ones. Come again soon!

  9. Brooke, Your articles are awesome! So happy to know I am not alone facing these issues. Your humorous approach is inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

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