“How to Look Hot in a Minivan” Review: Celebrity Style Tips from the Inside

I reviewed a book this week that’s great for moms who need a style lift. And who doesn’t really?! If you need advice on anything from buying jeans to eye cream check out “How To Look Hot in a Minivan.”

When I first received the book, with the subtitle “A Real Woman’s Guide to Losing Weight, Looking Great, and Dressing Chic in the Age of the Celebrity Mom”– I rolled my eyes and expected shallow nonsense.

I was wrong!

Author Janice Min is the executive editor of the “The Hollywood Reporter” and previously edited “US Weekly” so she knows her celebrity stuff. She divulges the inside info, from the perspective of a less than perfect real mom of three. She’s a great writer and includes many personal stories of her own pregnancy and parenthood experiences that are extremely relatable– from the time someone asked when she was due weeks after the baby was born… to the guilt of working motherhood.

The book gets into specifics on clothing and beauty products with scoop from celebrity stylists that is actually very helpful. Did you know you can zap a zit with Visine or use dry shampoo to save a bad hair day?  Min also dishes about Gwyneth’s best hair accessory, Sarah Jessica Parker’s favorite cleanse, and Kelly Ripa’s workout DVD of choice.

She also gets into detail on exercise programs, and nutrition with useful lists of healthy snacks and bad food traps– especially when feeding kids. She includes a whole chapter on plastic surgery that was fascinating and abhorrent all at the same time.

The book offers valuable advice in a funny, easy way with a message of being good to yourself. It would make a great gift for new moms as it’s filled with stories that most people won’t tell you when you’re pregnant (stretch marks, hair loss, cellulite!) Somehow Min breaks it to them gently, with lots of pretty celebrity photos.

Please click here to read my review and let me know in the comments if you would read it or buy it for a friend. My copy is dog-eared already.

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