Emmys Review: Winners, Losers, and What They Wore

I know I’m a TV nerd but I was excited for the Emmys Sunday night. I ignored my family once red carpet arrivals began, explaining to them that it was like my Super Bowl:  no channel changing or superfluous talking.  Here are my impressions….

What they wore:                                                                              

Fashion home runs (check out photos here and here):

My favorite look of the night was Amy Poehler. Kick ass fab, sexy, sleek, hip and loved the loose, old Hollywood hair and red lipstick.  Take that Will Arnett!

Tina Fey- Great style, color, shape. But she looks too skinny! Eat a donut Tina!

Kerry Washington– To die for. Sparkly, elegant, modern, sexy, perfect fit.

Padma Lakshmi- Dazzling! Not many can pull off orange but she rocked it.

Sofia Vergara – High expectations met. A divine, sexy mermaid. Hermosa!

Christine Baranski-  Amazing in her sequined minidress. Bold!

Maria Menounos – Beautiful, rich blue, leggy split, hot shoes. “Extra” points!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus- Amazing color, style, detail, fit. Perfect hair. Loved.

Sarah Hyland- Beautifully detailed, romantic, age appropriate. Nice work!

Looks that made me say Yikes!

January Jones– Too severe, Jane Jetson-esque and see-through.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson – What was up with the PeeWee Herman suit blazer?

Elizabeth Moss– Channelled a Flemenco dancer and hair was a washout.
Glenn Close– Love her, hate the dress.  Unflattering hostage straps. Too busy!

Julianna Margulies–Surprising miss. Did she swallow grandma’s curtains?!

Ashley Judd- What up with the Conehead hair? B-52’s audition tomorrow?

Phoebe Price?- Who is she? Took a wrong turn from Hollywood Boulevard. Horrible dress and tacky shoes.

Too much yellow! Stylish dressers like Claire Danes, Julianne Moore, and even Julie Bowen chose a shocking canary that washed them out more than flattered.

Other random thoughts….

Giuliana Rancic, you’ve gotten so much better at red carpet banter and you ask smart, interesting questions that seem researched…..but please eat a sandwich.

Real boobs! Kudos to actresses who don’t need implants to be a star. I’m talking to you Amy Poehler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amanda Peet and many self-respecting others.

My favorite celebrity couple at the Emmys? Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann. I’d love to spend a Saturday night playing Taboo with them and a bunch of friends on the deck of their Hollywood mansion as their delightful daughters make popcorn in the kitchen. I hope they’re as cool, funny and authentic as they appear. If you guys ever get sick of hanging with Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd, call me!

The show:

It was funny! It was refreshing and energetic, filled with many laughs, especially the pre-shot videos between awards. I liked the behind-the-scenes shots bumping in and out of commercials. Some candid moments of makeup and awkwardness are always entertaining. Jimmy Kimmel was amusing and not egocentric or patronizing like many award show hosts.

The opening number with the nominated actresses in bathrobes and Jimmy Kimmel with the botox face was LOL hilarious. Loved Lena Dunham’s brazen nudity and Ellen providing pants at the end. Set a great tone.

So happy for Eric Stonestreet with a classy smart, inspirational speech for best supporting actor in a comedy win.

Louie CK won two comedy awards and all I keep hearing is how great his show is so now I’ll give it a whirl.

Julie Bowen is such a class act. She seems so real and normal, besides talented and gorgeous. Her speech after winning best supporting comedy actress was smart and humble. Claire would be proud.

I love “The Daily Show” and I know they’ve won a lot of Emmy’s but Jon Stewart could have been a bit more gracious in his acceptance speech. I guess they’ve run out of funny things to say about winning.

I was surprised at how many awards “Homeland” received. Claire Danes for best actress, Damian Lewis for best actor, writing, and best drama.  I watched the show and liked the concept and performances but don’t think it’s as consistently gripping and well written as “Mad Men” and everyone says “Breaking Bad” is the best show on TV. We’re suckers for terror I guess.

Gotta love the standing O for Michael J. Fox at the end. I had a picture of him wearing his “Back to the Future” puffy vest on the back of my door all through high school. I’ll always love Alex P. Keaton.

“Modern Family’s” win is well-deserved. Love that show. But I am sad for Lena Dunham and the gang from “Girls.” Such a groundbreaking, risky, funny, tender show. Four nominations and no awards, but there’s always next year!

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  1. Thanks to all for your comments. I’m here to watch and serve….

  2. What, no comment whatsoever for Heidi Klum, the most beautiful woman in the world ?

    • Most beautiful besides Rebecca of course! I love Heidi but did not like her Emmys look. The dress and hair did not work for her. Sorry Rich but thanks for reading!

  3. I didn’t see the show and appreciated your recap as a result! Thanks Brooke!

  4. Thanks for the recap…I am always so impressed with your pop culture knowledge. I think you should start writing for Entertainment Weekly! Carpool Candy hits a Bullseye!

  5. Great Recap! Especially for those of us who unfortunately couldn’t tune in! Thanks! 🙂

  6. Now I know why you weren’t at book club!
    Check out for worst dressed Lena Dunham.
    I also love Modern Family. (Laura E. recommended The New Normal if you like Modern Family.) I was sad for Downton Abbey—it’s also a great show.
    Great post Brooke!