I’m So Over the Olympics (But I Still Love America)

Olympics closing ceremonies? Are the games done already? Say it ain’t so!

What I really mean is…..WOOHOO!!!!!

I no longer have to pretend I care about medal counts, beach volleyball, or Ryan Lochte. My TV won’t be clogged up with athletic feats by superhuman people who make my 4-mile runs and yoga classes seem like the hobbies of a lazy slob.  Perhaps now people at work and parties and the grocery store will forget about Michael Phelps’ gold rush and the triumph of women’s soccer.

I’m not a sports fan to begin with so two solid weeks of sports — some as obscure as judo, synchronized swimming, and water polo– is Olympic overload. (Entertainment Weekly’s site had a funny article about WTF sports in the Olympics you can check out here.)

I live in a virtual locker room with three little jocks led by one giant sports fan. If I can’t grab onto anything regarding baseball, football, or basketball at home, it would be insane to think track and field or badminton would hold my attention. I know there’s the drama of getting to know the athletes’  back stories before watching them attempt five minutes of excellence after years of training. While I like drama, it doesn’t make me care about the competition.

I did enjoy the opening ceremonies– especially Paul McCartney belting out “Hey Jude” and thousands of people echoing his na na na’s. I also admit to  enjoying the U.S. kick ass in gymnastics.  Those girls were perfection.

But the rest of it I could leave.

I’ve felt this way for the last two weeks but was afraid to say it out loud, fearing some government suit or sports-loving neighbor would come snatch my citizenship. Not liking the Olympics is like not liking the Tooth Fairy, or rainbows, or puppies. I hate being the killjoy so I’ve just been faking interest to get by.

But now the jig is up and I can go back to being my sports-spurning self. It’s liberating to have this space to vent. Anyone else want to admit something ? I promise not to judge– in fact I’ll give you a perfect 10 for honesty. Tell me in the comments. I’m all ears.

4 responses to “I’m So Over the Olympics (But I Still Love America)

  1. I have mixed feelings. I’m usually an Olympics addict. This Olympics did nothing for me, mainly because I wasn’t smart enough to say away from articles that said “SPOILER ALERT” at the top of them, but also because the things I wanted to watch weren’t on when I wanted to watch them. I don’t want to have to stay up until almost midnight to watch gymnastics. (I’m apparently, much closer to old age than I thought.) Also, where were the medal ceremonies? I didn’t see ANY of them! I watched plenty of people win amazing medals and never got to tear up over the National Anthem. That said, I’m glad it’s over. Now I can get back to watching crappy summer TV like Big Brother.

  2. HAHA!!! Your post made me laugh! I did enjoy the Olympics this time around, I even found myself liking the crazy sports I’ve never had an interest in ever like rowing and water polo (because they were on while I was getting my nails done) and they fascinated me. I do get annoyed that sports like badminton make it in when the real stuff (in my opinion) like baseball and softball are out. But anyways thanks for the laugh this Monday!

  3. Well- my honest is that I’m so sad that Olympics are over ! I couldnt wait for them to start ! . I love a good biography and family story and the past two weeks were full of those! More so- I loved almost everything I watched- even competitive ping pong! I loved seeing the soul that the athletes put into their sports. I admit I was worried after the bizarre opening ceremony but London won me over by the closing show! Ps – we met misty may- Tranor en route to lax and she was awesome and generously took pics with my kids and pulled them in close and quietly pulled her gold medal (volleyball!) out of an athletic sock for my kids to touch! Now come on- meeting her. After following her all week cemented my pure love and joy for the Olympics !

  4. Sorry, can’t join you on this one. I am all about Olympic fever, love everything from the uneven parallel bars and sparkly athletic wear, to the precision of platform diving. I literally burst with patriotism, although I do appreciate an impressive win no matter what flag hangs the highest. And while the backstories can draw you in, it’s the sheer perserverance and incredible athleticism that keeps me glued!