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I’m So Over the Olympics (But I Still Love America)

Olympics closing ceremonies? Are the games done already? Say it ain’t so!

What I really mean is…..WOOHOO!!!!!

I no longer have to pretend I care about medal counts, beach volleyball, or Ryan Lochte. My TV won’t be clogged up with athletic feats by superhuman people who make my 4-mile runs and yoga classes seem like the hobbies of a lazy slob.  Perhaps now people at work and parties and the grocery store will forget about Michael Phelps’ gold rush and the triumph of women’s soccer.

I’m not a sports fan to begin with so two solid weeks of sports — some as obscure as judo, synchronized swimming, and water polo– is Olympic overload. (Entertainment Weekly’s site had a funny article about WTF sports in the Olympics you can check out here.)

I live in a virtual locker room with three little jocks led by one giant sports fan. If I can’t grab onto anything regarding baseball, football, or basketball at home, it would be insane to think track and field or badminton would hold my attention. I know there’s the drama of getting to know the athletes’  back stories before watching them attempt five minutes of excellence after years of training. While I like drama, it doesn’t make me care about the competition.

I did enjoy the opening ceremonies– especially Paul McCartney belting out “Hey Jude” and thousands of people echoing his na na na’s. I also admit to  enjoying the U.S. kick ass in gymnastics.  Those girls were perfection.

But the rest of it I could leave.

I’ve felt this way for the last two weeks but was afraid to say it out loud, fearing some government suit or sports-loving neighbor would come snatch my citizenship. Not liking the Olympics is like not liking the Tooth Fairy, or rainbows, or puppies. I hate being the killjoy so I’ve just been faking interest to get by.

But now the jig is up and I can go back to being my sports-spurning self. It’s liberating to have this space to vent. Anyone else want to admit something ? I promise not to judge– in fact I’ll give you a perfect 10 for honesty. Tell me in the comments. I’m all ears.