My Fantasy Celebrity Tell-All Books

I read an article this week marking the 20th anniversary of the Woody Allen Soon-Yi Previn scandal. Can’t believe it’s been two decades since 56-year-old Woody fell hard for the adopted 21-year-old daughter of his longtime girlfriend, Mia Farrow.  It was smeared all over the New York papers and an ugly custody battle ensued, with a furious Farrow claiming Woody had sexually abused her other children. That was never proven but his relationships with his kids was never the same.

Woody’s lack of restraint seems a little twisted and extremely selfish but he and Soon-Yi  have been married for 15 years and have two kids of their own now so I guess it really is love.

I’d give up a regular table at Elaine’s to hear Soon-Yi’s version of that saga. That got me thinking about other celebrity memoirs I would love to read, if only they’d have the chutzpa to write them.


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me (But Were Afraid To Ask)….  by Soon-Yi Previn  

What was it like to have a wrinkly, genius filmmaker wooing you behind your actress-mother’s back? Were there clandestine meetings in the pantry of their Manhattan co-op where Woody pleaded for kisses…or did he win her by making her laugh? What’s the attraction for them and how do they keep the spark when he’s now 76 and she’s 42? What’s it like to live with him? What kind of father is he? What’s her relationship with her mother like now? Soon-Yi we hardly knew ye. Give us a glimpse into life with Woody.


I’m the Boss….by Patti Scialfa.                                                               

We know very little about Patti and the family keeps a low profile, despite Bruce’s huge fanbase and touring schedule. What’s going on in that gingy’s mind? Tell me what it was like to fall in love with the Boss. Did he sing ” Fire” to you in bed? Is he as smart, sexy, deep, spiritual, and intense as he seems or does he have typical annoying habits that drive her crazy? When was their first kiss and how long did their affair go on before Bruce’s wife at the time — actress Julianne Philips–  find out? What kind of father is he? What kind of identity issues do you have when you’re a singer-songwriter living with one of the most popular and successful rockers of all time?  Are the rumors true about his cheating? Which songs does she love most and which make her skin crawl?  She seems like a creative, smart lady who probably has a lot to say. C’mon publishers– let’s make a deal!

Witness to History….. by Caroline Kennedy                                   

There’s been so much written about President John F. Kennedy’s family but wouldn’t it be fascinating to hear the last word from the last Kennedy left? Caroline Kennedy has managed to have a career and family, and use her political clout wisely, while staying under the radar.   The only time we see her is when she’s stumping for a cause she believes in, as she’s been doing for Obama this summer.  We don’t know her husband or her kids, or where she vacations or shops. That’s all by design. It seems her mother taught her all the best tricks to leading as normal a life as possible with one of the most famous names in the world. Caroline has written several best-selling books on history, poetry, and even one on the right to privacy.  She has the literary background and sensitive wisdom to tell a compelling tale about her take on historical events and the iconic people that touched her life.

These are just a few of the autobiographies I’d like to read. Which celeb books would pique your interest?  Tell me in the comments.

3 responses to “My Fantasy Celebrity Tell-All Books

  1. julie perlow

    I would love to hear from Chelsea Clinton, as the first daughter, who lived through her father’s admitted scandal with young intern Monica Lewinsky. To know that your father, President Bill Clinton, ravished a young intern right there in the oval office and there was a written transcript of all the tawdry details to boot. How did that shape her identity and her sexuality to this day..? Was there shame and humiliation or is she so protective of her father that she still harbors only positive feelings?

  2. I totally agree about Soon-Yi! Btw, Mia Farrow wrote a memoir about that period- I read it about 10 years ago, and from what I remember, it was pretty engrossing. And, of course, what I really want is a Katie Holmes tell-all book!