3 of my favorite shows suck this season

You know I’m as loyal as Lassie when it comes to my TV shows. But time is precious people, and I don’t like wasting it on lame story lines.

Three of my darlings have failed me this season:

–Parenthood/NBC    This show started out so strong, with so many likable characters in realistic family life situations. Stellar acting, smart writing, and cast chemistry made it a home run for me and tough-customer Wilson. What happened Bravermans? Every storyline this season is annoying. Sad Julia who used to be a badass attorney can’t make it as a homemaker and is now rushing into the arms of an unemployed stay-at-home dad? Amber not recognizing the painfully obvious signs in her doomed engagement to damaged soul Ryan? Kristina running for mayor of Berkeley? Really?! Every mom of a college student, special needs teen and a toddler, who just got over cancer has the time, money and stamina for that, no?


Photo by Colleen Hayes: “Parenthood”/NBC

On the bright side, I love Ray Romano and Lauren Graham…and Craig T. Nelson is always good for a smile. The writers need to go back to basics. Stop making a show that brilliantly highlighted the quiet moments of parenting and explored the complicated intricacies of family dynamics,  into a predictable, unrelatable soap opera.

–How I Met Your Mother/CBS   I know some of you gave up on this comedy in the past but I hung in there and this was the last season, when we finally get to meet the mother! The show writers are known for clever gimmicks to tell their stories –gems include the backwards episode, the musical, and the one with hidden numbers in every scene. Here they’ve cooked up the idea of having the entire season take place over the course of Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend. What started out cute, got increasingly tiresome, verging on desperate.  The side story of Marshall’s road trip isn’t compelling and adds nothing to the narrative.



I do like Linus, Lily’s waiter whom she’s paid off to keep her vodka glass full, and this week’s “surprise” episode had some redeeming qualities. But I’m hoping the back-end of the season will be full of the magic, romance, and comedy Mother fans have come to expect.  The laughs, so far, have been hard to find.

–Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Bravo    Certain shows I watch for quality, others for pure entertainment. I‘ve noted my passion for the eye candy on RHOBH, but season 4 has been — pardon the pun– a bust.  The chemistry is gone. Two new “cast” members are tough to watch. Millionaire wiccan Carleton’s severe look matches her snide comments. She’s insecure, defensive, and judgmental, which made watching her transition to the Housewife lair annoying. Former Miss Puerto Rico Joyce has an equally irritating personality and seems to think she can solve any conflict with her  pageant-winning smile and a hair flip.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 4 on carpoolcandy.com

Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

The producers always seem to choose a common enemy and this year, it’s former sweetheart Kyle. I like Kyle. She’s the most relatable of all the gals and doesn’t try to pretend she’s perfect. She’s a terrible villain. Plus she’s heartbroken over all the rumors of her hot hubby’s infidelity in the tabs. So now these women regularly argue over who leaks stories to the press and start fights over information instigated by paparazzi.

I know it’s mindless. But the ladies used to be friends, and I loved gaping at the purses, houses, and vacations. The petty, tedious arguments have reached a new low. Now it’s just a bunch of self-absorbed, bitchy women who have nothing in common except the desire to be famous. Ick!

These shows better shape up before their finales. I hate feeling like I squandered time I could have been watching a new show like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black. If all else fails, there’s always season 4 of Downton Abbey , premiering January 5th.

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