Carpool Candy holiday gift guide for kids 2013

If they’re over 5, kids can be so jaded these days when it comes to gifts. They get so much– if not from parents, then from grandparents and extended family– and as they get older it’s difficult to find presents that wow.

I’ve compiled some possibilities here that are mostly gender-neutral and appeal to a wide age range. Each gift has a link for easy online purchasing. In case you’re wondering, I have no affiliation with any of these products. I’m just here to serve your shopping needs. Hope you find something great for the little people in your lives.  Happy shopping!

My Buds wrapped earphones on

Wrapped headphones:    Not only do they look cool, but when these earphones are wrapped in bright yarns, they won’t tangle… and you can always recognize right and left buds.  Made to order in a ton of colors. Who says I’m not hip?! ($28)

Nirvanna shark hat for kids on

Wool animal hat and mittens:    These animal hats will be a big hit with kids. If sharks aren’t their thang, there are dozens of other animals from pigs to owls to zebras. ($35)

Nirvanna animal hats for kids on

Pair the hat with these unbearably cute mittens! ($40)

hello kitty boombox on

Hello Kitty! boom box:    I’m a sucker for Hello Kitty because she reminds me of childhood. Girls of any age probably couldn’t resist this kitschy HK music maker. It’s the purrrrfect gift. ($35)

Electronic drum on carpoolcandy.comElectronic drum:   Do you know a wannabe rock star? I do, and all he wants is one of these.  This set features play-along songs, plus the ability to input an MP3 to jam along with your favorite tunes. Also includes headphones for mom’s sanity. ($52)

Super hero shirt with cape attached on

Super hero shirt:  For little avengers, this Batman caped t-shirt is adorable. Comes in Superman too. ($13)

easybake ultimate oven blue on

Easybake Ultimate Oven:   For girls, boys, college kids, even nostalgic moms, check out this updated version of the classic. Now it comes in less gender-specific blue and black, and you can buy accessories and special bake mixes for aspiring cake bosses. ($40)

Photo puzzles for kids on carpoolcandy.comPhoto puzzle:    Most kids love puzzles and themselves, so this is a win-win. Pick your favorite and/or funniest picture and turn it into a puzzle on Shutterfly. May also be a good project for those long days over winter break! ($20)

sport helmet fohawx on

Sport helmet accessory:   These goofy add-ons to bike, skate, or ski helmets by Fohawx are unisex and fun for attention-seeking, outdoorsy types.  ($17)

Cool bike wheel lights on

Bike lights:   How cool are these? These LED lights digitally display colorful designs with every turn of your wheel. 48 different themes of brilliant Technicolor patterns from stripes to hearts to stars shine bright as you ride. They’re so fun to look at, your kids won’t even realize they also make riding in the dark more safe. ($40-60)

Sports Illustrated Everything Kids book on

Sports Illustrated  Kids book:   If you have a sports fan (and I have a few) on your list, Sports Illustrated Kids’ Top 10 of Everything in Sports has cool action photos and more stats than they ever needed to know. ($15)

toothbrush holder timer on carpoolcandy.comToothbrush holder/timer:  For the kid who likes to do everything right and have it just so.  This is a toothbrush holder that doubles as a timer. You set it for 2 minutes to make sure the kids are brushing long enough. Clever! ($17)

Fathead wall stickers on

Fatheads:  These wall decals stick without ruining your walls and can turn a boring bedroom into a kid’s clubhouse. They have everything from sports figures to Disney princesses to views from space.  (Prices range from $25- 100, depending on size.)

Rainbow loom guide book on carpoolcandy.comRainbow loom accessories:     By now your kids must have a loom, but how about accessories for the all-consuming pastime? A new book gives directions on many methods and looks, and this case has 10 dividers to customize and keep up to 5000 bands organized.  (Book $17, case $15)

chalkboard t-shirt on

Chalkboard t-shirt:   It’s a shirt, an activity, and a fashion statement all in one! These fun t-shirts come in several colors and chalkboard shapes, for boys and girls. Each has a tiny pocket to hold your chalk so you can express yourself over and over again. ($27)

Poppy drops temporary tattoo earrings on

Temporary tattoo earrings:  If you know a girl who’s ready for earrings but mom is not, these are a cute and stylish alternative, or accessory for those already pierced.  Made of food-grade vegetable dye, they are safe for any age. ($24)

Goldieblox building set and book on

Goldie Blox building set and book:   I love this gift because it’s aimed at inspiring girls’ interest in building and problem-solving. Studies show more than 80% of engineers in the US are male so this company has created a character who appears in a series of books and companion building sets. ($30)

Lego architecture building sets on

Lego architecture series:    Perfect for kids who like to build and collect, it’s a series of replicas of real-world architectural landmarks, from the Empire State Building to the White House to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Taj Mahal. Each set comes with instructions and details on design and history. The blocks don’t look like Legos so they’re for an older, industrious kid. ($15 and up)

If you’re still on the hunt, try last year’s gift guide for more ideas here.

What are you giving this year? Share any ideas in the comments.   And if all this consumerism isn’t your bag, there’s always a charity gift card option, where kids can choose a cause to which they’d like to donate.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Thank you for sharing my product! You rock!

  2. I have one more MUST HAVE for kids!
    Look what two moms invented when a five year old boy needed a place to put his loom bracelets! The Loom Boom helps organize, display and share kids awesome loom creations! Check us out at:

  3. Brooke, you did it again. Your writing first and foremost made me smile, giggle and informed me! Another suggestion is the Restoration Hardware Website: lots of different flashlights, lanterns, magnifiers, compasses,
    Weather thermometers and gadgets

    • Thanks for reading Betsy! Feel free to share the gift guide on Facebook. Always happy to hear I made someone giggle. I will def check out Restoration Hardware stuff– good tip. Happy Hannukah!