Word to my mother

I went to the store to buy Mother’s Day cards this week and found the selection disappointing at best, annoying at worst. An entire wall packed with cards for every kind of mother, from every member of the family (including the cat, really? who spends $4 on a card from the cat?!)  but I couldn’t find one that captured the sentiments I feel for my mine.

Just like Goldilocks, I found them too sappy, too serious, or trying to be funny but missing the mark completely. None addressed the complicated relationships of most mothers and daughters.

mothers day blog Maybe someday Hallmark will start a “keeping it real” card line, but until then, I’m going to use this space to say what I want to say to my mom.

My mother is a force. She’s beautiful, smart, creative, fun and oozes confidence. Quite the charmer, she can (and will) talk to anyone. Her mind is orderly and she doesn’t like surprises. She’s also extremely attentive to the way things look.  She’s always had chic personal style (she’s never owned a pair of jeans) and her house is immaculate. When I was younger she loved to put me in pretty dresses and Mary Janes with my hair cut short with a side part and barette, keeping every strand neat and off my face.

I am not as coiffed and concerned with details, which sometimes makes it challenging to be her daughter. There are days she walks into my house when it looks like a disaster has struck, my kids are filthy, and I’m still unshowered wearing workout clothes.  I see her biting her lip. She looks around wide-eyed and after the panic passes, there’s sympathy in her eyes.

She doesn’t say a word because she knows what my day was like. She knows how many carpools, blog posts, laundry loads, homework assignments, and games I’ve handled, and she’s humbled.

My mother tells me all the time that she’s amazed by everything I do.  She says she could never have juggled as much when my brother and I were growing up– which means a lot because she was busy.

She’s my loudest cheerleader.

Mothers Day post Thanks mom

When I started this blog, my mom was the first to sign up as a follower and reads every post. She regularly sends me complimentary texts and shows my pieces to anyone who will read them.

My mom is an attentive, loving grandmother to my three boys. While she’s one of the most opinionated dames I know, she keeps it in check because she respects my parenting skills.  She never misses an opportunity to tell me she’s proud of the job I’ve done with my children.

Maybe my mom has stars in her eyes when she looks at me, but isn’t that what moms are supposed to do? I’m certainly not the most organized, together woman, nor the best writer, or parent. But even on my lowest day, my mom makes me feel like I’m great.

That support and encouragement actually makes me a better parent, writer, and person.

There might not be frosted paper, fancy calligraphy, or jeweled embellishments on this card, and it certainly doesn’t rhyme. But it’s the best way for me to tell my mom what she means to me. I hope it makes her feel as loved as she makes me feel every day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who believe in their kids and never stop telling them they’re fantastic. At any age, kids will never tire of hearing it.

10 responses to “Word to my mother

  1. Grandpa Mike

    Nice, very nice. True, very true.

  2. Thanks for the comments and happy Mother’s Day to you all. Kristin, thanks for sharing your fond memories. My mom and I both loved them! Hope u are well! Xo

  3. just call me nana

    Brooke, you’re a teasure! What a lovely tribute to your mom! And, Martha, you are truly blessed. . .Happy, Happy Mother’s Day to you both. .love ya . . . . kb nana

  4. Great salute to your mom, Brooke! I’m sure this was her favorite post. : – ) She deserves it.

  5. Jennifer Backer

    great post. Funny thing is, I actually DID find a card that fit all the sentiments I felt for my mom this year and when she read it she even said “wow, this is the PERFECT card”. Wish I still had it and I could call you later and read it to you (maybe it would have been fitting for you too! – I feel like our mom’s are very similar). xo jenn

  6. SuperAuntieNan

    Who needs a card when you can post your feelings to share with everyone? How special for your mom. You are lucky to have her, and she is one lucky lady to have you!

  7. What a lovely tribute to your Mom Brooke ! Merry Mother’s Day to Martha !!

  8. Happy Mother’s Day to the fabulous Martha!! Great post, Brooke!

  9. Some of my fondest memories growing up were spent at your house with your mom. She made such an impression on me as a young girl. I remember her sharing stories of studying abroad in trance, an this ignighted a flame in me for travel. It lead to my own study abroad in college to Spain , many great trips w family and friends, and has culminated in my own experience leasing a study abroad this week with 6 students in Brazil. For this I am so grateful! I also remember your moms fantastic chocolate chip cookies! Give her a hug for me!