Chicks rule at the Golden Globes: my highlights

I told Wilson and the kids to fend for themselves for dinner and plopped myself in front of the TV with my gear. Watching awards shows has become a multimedia experience. I watched the Globes live, but during commercials I rewound the pre-show on my DVR to make sure I didn’t miss any good fashion, while monitoring Twitter on my iPad for buzz, and blogging for you people on my laptop.

I was in heaven.

Golden Globes 2013 highlights

The night was filled with promise, especially since two of my favorite funny ladies, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were hosting.

First, my thoughts on fashion…..

Lots of black on the red carpet this year made for some dull choices. There weren’t any Bjork swan dress moments, and there were many who looked great (Julie Bowen, Zoey Deschanel, Sofia Vergara, and Amanda Seyfried come to mind)  but few WOWS. Here are my hits and misses.


JLo—Biggest wow for me. Her dress looked like delicate lace painted on her body. Sexy yet chic, and perfect hair.

Taylor Swift— Elegant, beautiful in eggplant with dangly jeweled earrings and romantic hair.

Julianne Moore—Black and white Tom Ford dress to die-for: sleek, modern, gorgeous.

Nicole Kidman— Out of Tom’s shadow, she’s not afraid to wear heels and tower over Keith Urban in a polished McQueen that was classy with edge. Her face looked less pulled and her hair was loose and pretty.

Hayden Penettiere – Gorgeous lace fitted sheath with feathered fish tail. She sings, she acts and she can wear a dress. One to watch.

Kate Hudson— Pushed out 2 kids and springs back to svelte, rocking a daring Cleopatra gold and black number.

Julianna Margolies-– Didn’t love the long straight ponytail but she gets best back award in black lacy Pucci dress. Sexy and toned.

Stacy Keibler—People famous for who they date bug me, but I can’t overlook her shiny black Armani sheath with modern striped detail. She looked phenomenal, even standing next to George.

Clooney—No one wears a tux like George. ‘Nuf said.

Leo Dicaprio— Old Hollywood handsome, classic. Loved.

Denzel Washington— Looked great in straight tie tux. Aging well.


Lucy Liu— Her poofy patterned dress looked like a wedding cake ornament.

Giuliana Rancic- Does good interviews but looked like sickly skinny Cruella D’ville in creepy black lace dress.

Sienna Miller— Huh? Looked like a backyard BBQ reject…channeling …Lily Pulitzer? Toned down makeup made the look seem overly plain and inappropriate.

Halle Berry—Didn’t like the dress or jewelry, but she still looked phenomenal.

Ben Affleck– His tux had weird pointy shoulders and looked too small– maybe shrunk in the wash?

Now for the show…..

–It was entertaining and moved quickly. Tina and Amy looked great and killed it.  Very funny without any schtick, just good writing and delivery. Their opening monologue is worth a view if you can find it on YouTube. I LOL-ed several times and was thoroughly entertained seeing the look of restrained panic on faces of singled out celebs as they waited to see if they’d be celebrated or humiliated. Also loved when Tina and Amy dressed up as random fake nominees– hilarious and creative.

Tina fey amy poehler globes host review highlights

–“Homeland” won for best drama. “Boardwalk Empire” was better this year but the Hollywood foreign press loves terror. Damien Lewis and Claire Danes’ crazy eyes won acting awards for “Homeland” too.

Adele had an adorable acceptance speech when she won for best song for “Skyfall.”

–Judging from the wild applause and immediate standing ovation, presenter Bill Clinton is bigger than Clooney. He’s like the Dalai Lama of Hollywood.

— I giggled all through Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig’s bit, guessing what films were about from their names. Find that on YouTube too.

–Loved Jennifer Lawrence’s speech for best actress in “Silver Linings  Playbook.” Funny, self possessed, real. Anne Hathaway’s speech for “Les Miz” was sweet but lacked the same cache.

–Love, love love Lena Dunham and so happy she won for best comedy actress and best comedy….but why was she wearing shoes she couldn’t walk in??

Jodie Foster’s Cecil B DeMille award speech was um, interesting. Revealing, slightly angry, loopy, daring, and moving. I think she came out but I’m still not sure.

–Loved the kiss and sweet words Ben Affleck had for Jennifer Garner when he won for directing “Argo.” The movie also won best drama. Still can’t believe he beat out Spielberg for “Lincoln,” but Ben got no Oscar love and “Lincoln” was most nominated so maybe it will all work out in the end.

Women are making an impact in Hollywood. The show featured females in many major roles: hosts, outgoing Hollywood Foreign Press head, writers, directors, and the DeMille recipient. Maybe there’s hope for movies and TV after all.

That’s my take. Did you watch? Tell me in the comments if you agree!

2 responses to “Chicks rule at the Golden Globes: my highlights

  1. I loved the show last night! Amy and Tina (Who I call by their first names, because I’m quite sure we’re best friends…they just don’t know it yet.) were wonderful. So funny, and sweet. Their intro had me laughing out loud. So loud, I woke up my kids! I have to agree completely with you on Lena Dunham’s shoe choice. I love her, and love “Girls”, but she looked so incredibly awkward trying to navigate in whatever shoes she was wearing. I kept wanting her to kick off the shoes, grab her dress and just run on stage. I kept picturing her in little girl dress up heels, because that’s how she was walking!

  2. Jodie Foster is gay?