Carpool Candy holiday gift guide for kids

Stressed about what holiday gifts to buy for the kids? Do they have too much already? Fear not. Here are some useful and/or fun options that don’t scream “same old thing.”

LEGO-Star-Wars-Minifigure-Alarm-Clocks candy gift guidei

Star Wars Lego clocks  – For fans of the dark side, these clocks are cool looking and will appeal to both movie and Lego kids. They’re so kitschy they’ll get better with age so kids won’t outgrow them.  ($24)

Sassy personalized t-shirts – These shirts scream personality and come in  different colors and sizes for boys and girls. Some messages are funny, others are defining. Either way, kids love seeing their name in print! ($40-50)

Magnatiles candy holiday gift guide kids

Magnatiles— While my boys have tossed aside many of the toys in our playroom, my seven- and nine-year-olds keep coming back to these plastic  blocks that stick together through magnets on the edge of the tiles. They come in bright primary colors and several different flat shapes which can make patterns and horizontal designs on the floor or tall, 3D architectural wonders. With so much creative mileage, they are well worth the steep price tag. ($70-200)

candy holiday gift guide umbrellaRain gear-  My 7-year-old wore his Batman rain boots every day after he opened them.  He loved the matching umbrella too. Even my older kids covet an umbrella–perhaps because it’s cooler than wearing a raincoat and seems more grownup. My nine-year-old is a huge sports fan so I got him a New York Giants umbrella which he carries in his backpack every day, just in case. (Umbrellas start at $7,  boots start at $24)

mini speakers candy gift guide kids

Mini speakers –  These pint-sized speakers still blast your tunes and come in fun colors like pink, orange, and blue. They connect to iPhones or any MP3 player and can easily fit in a backpack or overnight bag. ($25)

furtote holiday gift guide kids

Fur tote Cool for little girls as well as teens, this faux fur tote bag in leopard or zebra print screams high fashion but the price is low maintenance. It can even be monogrammed. ($49.50)

Pro basketball socks –  When my 12-year-old son told me he wanted some fancy basketball shoes I balked at the $230 price. Then he told me these Nike Elite socks help the pros jump higher in the NBA.  I didn’t believe him but I was willing to shell out $14 a pair as a gift. They come in many colors and are sure to improve his game and yours.

Fast sleds –  It’s that time of year and nothing says adventure and speed like a new sled. I did some research on the fastest and found this Flexible Flyer steel saucer is a classic and will last forever ($40). Or try one of these inflatable sleds from (start at $40) .


panda tablet case holiday gift guide kids

etch-a-sketch-iPad-Case holiday gift guide

Cool tablet covers – It’s hard to stand out in the tech world these days but these tablet covers are sure to engage kids and teens. They come in different designs to fit many types of gadgets. Younger kids or those who appreciate retro design may also like the Etch-A-Sketch cover (Panda $54.95/ Etch-a-Sketch $40).

dylanscandybucket holiday gift guide kidsCandy! –   OK, This might be a better grandparent gift because only a grandparent would be crazy enough to get a kid a box of sugar. But most kids would be psyched to get gourmet candy like a giant JellyBelly sampler box  ($20.95) or this candy bucket  ($55) or chocolate tower of sweets ($45)  from New York’s famous Dylan’s Candy Bar.

I hope some of these holiday gifts for kids have inspired you. Please tell me your favorite gift ideas for kids in the comments. We can all use a little elfing right now!

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