Carpool Candy holiday gift guide for women

I love buying gifts. I could do it for a living if I was spending someone else’s money. But not everyone enjoys it, and the holidays are a busy and often stressful time so here’s a cheat sheet.

I’ve been perusing catalogs and websites for weeks in search of trinkets that hopefully will bring a smile to your recipient’s face, or at least not have them rushing to the mall to return.

A gift should be personal. Let the receiver know you get him or her. It should also be something they might not get for themselves. Maybe they can’t afford it, or don’t have the time to find what they need. Some of my favorite gifts (cashmere gloves, favorite lip gloss, facial gift certificate) are simple ones that are thoughtful, functional, and save me an errand.

Here’s my list for the LADIES. I’ve added a link to each item,  but try searching the web for discounts before you purchase. ( is a terrific site for coupons to hundreds of businesses.)

lafco-foyer-candle candy holiday gift guideLafco candle As one of Oprah’s favorite things, this is the best candle I’ve ever spent an obscene amount of money on. Lafco has a different scent for each part of the house but my fav is Foyer. The candle is attractive, smells amazing, and lasts for a long time. If you can’t swallow the $55 price tag, search the Lafco site for smaller, $20 versions.

Cheese knives and fancy cheese – I love cheese but hate to shell out $15 at Whole Foods for  a hunk of the good stuff. Why not pick 1 or 2 yummy fancy cheeses and pair them with these adorable cheese knives (“sharp,” “creamy”&”stinky”) for someone who loves to eat and/or entertain? (Knives $44.95)

Year of Seeds candy holiday gift guide

Garden in a box –  For the creative lady who likes to get dirty, try this year of seeds kit. It includes 12 colorful planters that fit on a windowsill or deck, soil, and 12 packets of seeds to grow a mini garden of beautiful flowers. Low maintenance but high reward! ($79.95)

Personalized makeup bag This velvet bag is lined in heavy cotton and perfect for carrying makeup or jewelry in your purse or suitcase.  It comes in many fun colors and two sizes, and monogramming is free. ($12/$15)

Sundance wool socks candy holiday gift guide

Handknit socks – These cozy artsy socks, made with New Zealand wool, would be perfect given with a bag of marshmallows and a good book. Tell her in the card you’ve created an ideal Sunday afternoon.   ($48 for 2 pairs)

Cashmere hand warmers And speaking of cozy, these mini hand warmers are wrapped in cable cashmere to keep your hands warm in your pockets when walking the dog or watching a soccer game. ($10 for set of 2)

usb hubdog candy holiday gift guide

USB Hubdog – For dog lovers or those who are tech savvy and have a soft spot for cute, check out this recharger which allows you to boost several gadgets at once and you won’t bark at the price. ($12)

Mini ice cream sandwich press   and specialty spices –  For the gal who likes to cook, these make professional looking desserts with regular ice cream and cookies and they come in three shapes: circle, heart and star.  ($15)  A gift card or set of spices from  is a unique gift for those who like to experiment in the kitchen but already have all the equipment.

letterpillowLetter pillow –  I love this initial pillow for a couch or a bed. It’s great for a woman of any age, size, or taste. ($29)

jcrew pajamas candy holiday gift guide

Pajamas – I love cruising for original designs. These flannel pj’s  come in a ton of different patterns and look like they would fit any shape. ($46) Or you could kick it old school with these classic (but pricey) cotton jammies from  Brooks Brothers ($98.50)  or JCrew (above $85).

Hope you find some goodies for the special people in your life, or maybe something to reward yourself after all that giving! Stay tuned for gifts for men and kids coming soon….

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    This is outstanding! Thanks for helping a last minute, frustrated, always on the run gal with great ideas and user friendly website addresses. . .keep up the good work. . . .loved your Disney tips, too! . . . .Larkspur Landing Lady, just call me Nana

  2. Soooo excited for my hand-knit socks for Hannukah this year!

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