Bug in the Ear! Part 2

For those of you who read my post about 6-year-old Eli getting a bug in his ear (if you didn’t, you can catch up on the pesky pest here) here’s your update:

After two-plus harrowing hours in the Emergency Room, where doctors tried to extract a bug they weren’t convinced was in there, they sent us home.  Brave Eli woke up feeling much better and went about his day Sunday and Monday at school, with the mysterious invader still in his ear.

I took him to the ENT Monday afternoon and in 5 minutes they flushed this sucker out of his ear using a giant syringe filled with water.


Eli hated having something else shoved in his ear and complained of some pain and discomfort but the flushing process took all of two minutes. It was repulsive, but I have never been more thrilled to see a dead bug.  Wilson and I knew that creepy critter was in there but the doctors were skeptical because all we had to go on was Eli’s story.

The bug was the only explanation for the way he was screaming and flailing around. That black, hairy sucker was alive for a good 45 minutes buzzing his eardrum and trying to scratch his way out. We think the reason Eli finally calmed down in the second hour at the ER is because the bug died and wasn’t moving and irritating him anymore.

The doctor said there’s no damage to the ear or further danger but Eli’s taking antibiotic drops in his ear for a few days just in case. I’m happy to report that today he is deloused and pain-free.

For the record, the ENT said if this ever happens again (what are the chances?!) we should drop some mineral oil in the ear because it will kill the bug and ease out the ear wax until a doctor can remove it.

Good to know.

7 responses to “Bug in the Ear! Part 2

  1. Very scary! You are troopers! Poor Eli.

  2. just call me nana

    OMG. . .Eli is so brave, and, Wilson is a treasure. You’re a lucky lady. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for the rest of the summer. This blogg should be a sitcom. . . .Remember my three sons? . . . . You go girl!

  3. That bug looks HUGE! What a horrible, freak, occurrence. Hopefully it never happens again.

  4. Oh my gosh! That’s disgusting, but I’m so glad it’s out now! YUCK! Poor baby!

  5. SuperAuntieNan

    glad to hear all is well!

  6. My daughter put an m&m in her ear once. Pain in the neck to get out, had to go to an ENT, but we crack up over it now.

  7. Phew, so glad that nasty bug is out of Eli, and out of your life! – Susie