Wishful Thinking: My Top 7 Lottery Splurges


I don’t usually play the lottery because I ‘m not a gambler. But I am a joiner so today I bought myself three lottery tickets. You have to be in it to win it, right?

Of course I have a better chance of getting my own talk show than I have of winning the $640 million jackpot– but when it gets this big, I like to take a chance and be a part of the lotto mania.

I bought one ticket for each of my three boys (ages 6, 8, and 12) and immediately began mentally planning all the ways I would spend the money.  Any  winner has to get an attorney and think carefully about how to invest the windfall. After putting enough money in the bank for my kids’ and grandkids’ college funds, paying off my house, and giving a nice sum to several charities, I would want to splurge. Here’s what immediately comes to mind:

1. A beach house with at least six bedrooms close enough to hear and smell the ocean and big enough to invite friends and family for weekends and parties.

2. A vintage Mercedes convertible and a pair of expensive sunglasses.   ( No car seats!)

3.  A Mac book for me and iPads for Wilson and all the boys.

4.  Shopping sprees for me, my mother, and two friends at Barney’s and Anthropologie for clothes, Christian LouBoutin for shoes,  and Gucci for bags.

5. An interior designer and credit line at ABC Carpet and Home.

6. Orchestra seats to every show and concert I’ve wanted to see for years and season tickets to the Mets and Giants for Wilson and the boys.

7. A safari trip in Africa with our extended family.

I’ve seen a plethora of news stories this week telling the woeful tales of past  mega winners who lost it all or were more miserable than before they hit the jackpot. Those stories are comforting to the millions of losers who won’t win tonight. But until disappointment hits, a girl can dream can’t she?

Hey, you never know.

What’s on your lottery splurge list? Tell me in the comments. Happy dreaming!

6 responses to “Wishful Thinking: My Top 7 Lottery Splurges

  1. Wow, Wilson, you are well trained! Whore. (inside joke.)

  2. i have three gift cards to anthropologie and i can’t find NOTHING. you can have them…

  3. Love that Anthropologie idea! I’m with you Anonymous!
    Wilson is trying to get brownie points– don’t buy it for a second!

  4. I am not playing because I’ve already won the lottery when I married my wife. Sincerely, Wilson.

  5. I’ll take the shopping spree to Anthroplogie but do it by visiting all the countries they buy from and shop from the source!!