Charlie Sheen on “Today”: Comeback or Comedown?

Does Charlie Sheen bleed caffeine?

The reliably unstable actor went on the “Today” show this morning to promote his new FX sitcom, “Anger Management” and prove once again that he’s still a little nutty.

Charlie Sheen talking on "Today"/NBC

I was tense and uncomfortable watching the live interview. Charlie couldn’t sit still as he answered Matt Lauer’s questions about his past erratic behavior. Looking pale and sweaty, he squirmed in his seat, repeatedly touched his face, shifted his head around, and fidgeted with his tie.  Watch it here.

Compared to his past rants, Charlie was less scary and more charming as he evaded several tough questions with jokes and went off on rambling tangents.

When Lauer asked him about a recent incident where he was caught on tape answering questions while intoxicated, he tried to laugh it off. Lauer later suggested drinking was probably not a good option for someone recovering from drug addiction. Charlie seemed to balk at traditional 12-step programs, saying “I have different theories about the whole thing….I don’t believe in that whole fiction that they insist you have an allegiance to… but that’s just me. “

Granted, there were no outbursts, or references to goddesses and tiger’s blood. There’s no doubt Charlie’s in a better place than he was a year ago, but he still needs help. He seems unwilling to face his real problems and commit to sobriety. It’s a battle he doesn’t seem to be “winning.”

Sheen’s ironic turn as a therapist with emotional issues in “Anger Management” premieres in June. Regardless of the show’s quality, FX must surely be counting on an early ratings boost as curious viewers  (and voyeurs) like me tune in to see what he’ll do next.

Am I being too harsh? Watch the interview and let me know if you think he’s charismatic or cuckoo.

4 responses to “Charlie Sheen on “Today”: Comeback or Comedown?

  1. I’ve been catching up on your blog! Such fun! I agree about Charlie continuing to be nutty. Really sad. Your food in Key West posts have made me thoroughly hungry!

  2. So true, I totally agree. Very uncomfortable.

  3. Laurie Zlotnick

    …that’s “dishonesty” NOT “dishonestLy” – whoops!

  4. Laurie Zlotnick

    It was very uncomfortable to watch Charlie fidgeting and avoiding eye-contact with Matt; to me, not making eye-contact is a sure sign of dishonestly. He’s not sober, I’m not buying it at all.