“Modern Family” Menstruation Episode Strikes a Chord

ABC’s “Modern Family” 

Another clever “Modern Family” episode this week took on how synchronized menstrual cycles among women in the family affect everyone’s mood.  Daffy Phil wanted to swing on a trapeze to celebrate Leap Day. But Claire and the girls –- who all happened to be menstruating at the same time of the month—couldn’t stop alternatively weeping and bursting with anger.

Phil goes to crazy lengths (surprise, surprise!) to avoid the cycling psychos, which only gets him in trouble.  The ladies just want a little empathy, that’s all. Jeez.

The best part of the Leap Day episode was watching it with wide-eyed Wilson who wasn’t sure if it was okay to laugh at the funny parts. He kept looking over at me timidly, and I could see him trying to determine whether I would giggle or rip his head off.

You see, Wilson shares some of Phil’s fears when I get my monthly gift.  Unlike Phil, I live in a house of men, which often smells like a locker room.  When my menstrual cycle is peaking I’m feeling erratic and emotional, they look at me like I am Medusa: a screaming insanely angry mythical creature with live, hissing, spitting snakes for hair.  That’s not empathy.

Wilson grew up in a male-dominated house and although we’ve been cohabitating for nearly 14 years, he still has no idea how to live with a woman.  We all have our quirks.  One of the reasons I married him is because he was a manly man. It’s also the thing that makes me want to throttle him.

But only once a month.

2 responses to ““Modern Family” Menstruation Episode Strikes a Chord

  1. Funny. My sister and brother in law’s dog is
    named “Wilson” named after the ball in the Tom Hanks Movie. At first I thought you were
    referring to a dog but reading further I found out the reference – not a
    Dog at all. Maybe your teddy bear
    Good job and good luck. Pat

  2. Tough words for your hubby. He must be smart and incredibly handsome.