Introducing…..Wilson (and Me)

I’m Brooke and this is my blog. My life is full of contradictions, which provide a lot of material. I’ll explore the challenges of raising three spirited boys (and a husband) obsessed with sports and winning, though I’d much prefer to discuss “Downton Abbey” than a first down in football.

I’ll comment on the irony of moving to suburbia to raise kids after a lifetime of city living without a driver’s license. I’ll write about the illusive “work-life balance” after quitting my job as a TV news producer to spend more time with my kids, and discovering being at home full-time with 3 kids is harder than producing live shots during a hurricane. (Now I work part-time in NYC and freelance write from home in between carpool, preparing meals, and monitoring Netflix and Xbox time.)

Are you in?

I’m also a disciple of pop culture. I watch entirely too much TV, am in two book clubs, listen to hours of podcasts, and try to get to the movies before the Oscars. In this space I will comment on my favorite media moments and culture trends.

I’ll reveal details about my three boys: Jacob (15), Aden (12) and Eli (9) that will certainly humiliate them if their future partners ever get a hold of these posts. But my husband is a loyal and low-key guy so I’m going to try to avoid writing about him whenever possible. He prefers it that way.

Remember Tim Allen’s neighbor in the 80’s sitcom “Home Improvement?” His name was Wilson and he always gave Tim great advice and support, but you never saw his face behind that tall picket fence.  Wilson was also the painted volleyball companion to Tom Hanks’ character in “Castaway.”  That guy didn’t say much either, but he was the rock in that relationship. So I’m going to refer to my husband as Wilson from now on.

I hope this is the beginning of a long and happy conversation.

3 responses to “Introducing…..Wilson (and Me)

  1. I think you are being a little tough on Wilson. From what I know, he is handsome, smart, considerate, sensitive, giving, sharing, understanding and supportive.
    Wilson’s buddy.

  2. I would call her China because talking to her is like talking to a Great Wall. Of course, she wouldn’t appreciate that name which is why I have not yet referred to her as such.

    Looking forward to the carpool ride!!

  3. Great introduction! Count me in, I am very interested and like how you set up your life as a tangle of contradictions. Totally inspiring me to get my blog going! Great job, Brooke!