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Three must-see parenthood video spoofs

I’m sure your inboxes and Facebook pages are as clogged as mine with viral messages, cartoons, photos, and videos that often don’t live up to the hype. I have a visceral reaction to delete as soon as I read the words “You gotta see this!” atop any message.

Most of the time,  I don’t gotta. Quite often, it’s a colossal waste of my time.

So I realize I’m going out on a limb when I suggest the following three viral videos for you to watch. But really, I wouldn’t risk my rep for relevance if I didn’t find these three at the top of musical parenting parodies.

They are each hilarious, and at times even sweet. But all capture the absurdity, frustration, and sacrifice of raising children. They’re funny because they ring so true.

parent teacher conference video from rated p the musical

My wildly talented friend Sandy wrote a musical last year called “Rated P for Parenthood” that made it to off-Broadway. It was filled with great songs about parenting but one of the highlights was a rap called “Parent Teacher Conference” which I’ve watched a dozen times and still giggle.

This week, I received a link to a video called The Parent Rap, and each time I watch it, I catch another line or visual that cracks me up.

And then there’s the classic gem known as  “The Mom Song” which details a day in the life of a mom who only wants the best for her children, and won’t stand for mediocrity.

These videos make me envious and wishing I had the creativity and tenacity to write and produce something that clever and amusing.

If you get a moment in your busy day, click on the links above and let me know what you think. Let the musical mom mockery begin!