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Doggone it, it’s time

My son, Aden’s birthday is this week. He’s turning 10 and all he wants is a dog.

It’s time.

I’ve been procrastinating, worrying, and quizzing friends and family for months, if not years. We’ve dog-sat many weekends and survived. I can’t put it off any longer. Aden needs a dog… like I need to write…like Wilson needs sports…like Eli (7) needs to talk, like Jacob (13) needs to text.

A dog will center him, soothe him, and make him so happy. I’ve seen it happen with other animals. You should see the way he stays up late reading books about lizards, plays with his friends’ hamsters,  and sticks his hand in a muddy swamp to catch crawfish.

Neither Wilson nor I grew up with any animals so this is new territory and I’m nervous. The dog will require time, energy, and expense. I’m not kidding myself– I realize most of the responsibility will fall on me.

But the kid needs a dog.

Aden with Uncle Jon's dog, Ranger

Aden with Uncle Jon’s dog, Ranger

It’s the right time because I’m home a lot, the weather is nice, and we’re around for the next several months for baseball so we can’t make weekend plans. I’m hoping to get a furry friend before August.

So I’m using this post to crowdsource. Aden wants a puppy and Eli has allergies so we’ll start with those requirements. I’m going to research what breed to get, the best training books, recommendations for obedience school, and a good vet.

97% of the dog owners I’ve spoken to adore their pooches and say it’s the best addition to their family and worth all the work and inconvenience.  I’m moving forward with that encouragement in mind and getting excited. And scared. But mostly excited.

Seeing Aden’s face when that dog arrives is also a big motivator. Fulfilling his dream will be fun for all of us.

I couldn’t get my act together to get a puppy here this week but I bought him this guide to dog care to open on his birthday so he knows the process is underway.  But I’m counting on you people to help me with info and advice.  Emails would be ideal but you can also comment on the blog or on Facebook and I’ll start gathering and educating myself.

Thanks, in advance for your guidance and patience. I’m going to need it.