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Last Day of School Blues

Today’s the last day of school for my kids. As they bust down the double doors  with glee, I’m feeling wistful that another school year is done.

This morning I shuttled between schools bearing teacher gifts and receiving report cards, feeling sad and anxious. I always get this way in June. Change is difficult and moving on means leaving people and places behind.

Two years ago I wrote a column about it for maplewoodpatch.com and although my kids are older now, the sentiment remains the same.  You can read it here.

The good news is although he’s headed for 4th grade next year, Aden still holds my hand once in a while and we read together most nights. Eli finished kindergarten today and is not looking back.  I’m trying not to focus on the fact that I’ll never have a child in kindergarten again, and instead take pride in all they’ve accomplished.

Maybe today when the last one gets home and dumps his filthy knapsack on my kitchen floor, I won’t think about them growing up too fast. Instead I’ll focus on not having to get up early and pack lunch tomorrow, or the next day after that. I’ll smile about not having to prod them to do homework or go to sleep early. I’ll revel in the next few days when we have no plans and can just hang around.

When you  look at the old column, notice the final, touching comment at the end from a mother who’s seen her share of last days.  It reminded me that the age of your kids doesn’t matter as long as you still feel close to them. And hopefully, they’ll continue to make you proud.