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What’s in a name? Puppy watch 2013 is on

You people love your dogs, don’t you?

I toil away on my blog posts and then eagerly put them on Facebook and Twitter in hopes they will strike a chord with readers and maybe start a conversation. On a good day I might get 2 to 5 comments on the blog and/or Facebook.

We were having an ongoing family argument over what to name our new puppy last week, so I threw up a question on Facebook soliciting male dog names.  Do you know I got 43 responses… and they’re still coming in?!

You’re all crazy for canines!

Never having been a dog person, I didn’t realize how much people love to prattle about their pooches. Even a casual mention about entering puppyhood and I instantly have 3 iPhones in my face featuring scores of photos of dogs in various poses.

(Bow) Wow!

People who never say a word to me at work rushed to my desk this week to see a picture of my puppy online. I was at a party this weekend and my friend’s college roommate came running over breathlessly asking me if we’d come up with a name yet after reading my query on Facebook.

Humans really dig their dogs.

We were on the fence about female or male and after asking around I discovered there are good reasons to get both so we went with personality over gender.

Golden doodle puppy on carpoolcandy.com

2 weeks old

The breeder put up photos and a brief description of each dog’s characteristics and families got to choose which dog they wanted, in order of deposits paid. We fell for one, and had two backups, but all 3 of our choices were gone right away.

After some jockeying and emergency family meetings, we decided on the boy puppy with the white collar. Isn’t he cute?

Our breeder says he’s lighthearted, loves to play, curious, smart, and  happy-go-lucky. He’ll fit right in.

As for a name? Those Facebook responses suggested everything from the mundane (Brad, Norman, Steve)…to the traditional (Fido, Rufus, Buster, Spike) … to the cutesy (Smiley, Honey, Sassy) …to the personalized (GoBlue, Shea, Cougar — people know my boys like sports.)

One lady even suggested “Payphone.”

We went through a site full of names and finally agreed on Brady.

The boys liked it because it’s after Tom Brady, who played for Michigan, and Brady Hoke, the Michigan football coach. I liked it because it’s after the “Brady Bunch,” one of my all-time favorite shows.  (See my about page here for the story on how all my kids are named after pop culture characters.)

Golden doodle puppy on carpool candy.com

Brady at 4 weeks

So we have chosen and named our puppy.

Stay tuned for his arrival. Many more adventures to come.

Puppy love!

Big news! (drumroll please)….. our puppy arrives September 7th!

For those of you following along, we’ve been debating whether to get a dog for a couple of years and finally decided to make it happen. It might have been the day I looked out the window and found 10-year-old Aden playing in the back yard with a cicada. (No joke!)

The poor kid really needs a pooch.

I started to do some research but I believe fate is what brought this puppy to us. I ran into a friend at a concert two weeks ago.  She has a beautiful 16-month old Golden Doodle named Dempsey who we met as a puppy who was very sweet and good with kids and other dogs.  She told me her breeder had just had a litter that week and had more puppies than expected.



Aden and I looked up the breeder on the web and liked the way they talked about the dogs– professional and affectionate, but not over the top. The site answered all my questions and had adorable pictures of their dogs and puppies.

The father of the puppies is an English Cream Golden Retriever and the mother is a Moyen Poodle named Zoey– the same name as our cousins’ dog whom we love. This English Cream breed of Golden Doodles have very light-colored, wavy hair that hopefully won’t shed too much, which is good for 7-year-old Eli’s asthma and allergies.

Every time I stopped someone on the street to ask what breed their cute dog was, 8 times out of 10 it was a Golden Doodle. Everything I read confirmed that they are social, great with kids, have a good disposition, and smart, so easy to train.  It seemed like a good fit for us.

We were sold.

Next we had to decide whether we wanted a male or female. I was leaning towards female to even out the gender in our family a bit. I read that females were more mellow in the puppy phase and more independent as adult dogs. Males can be more difficult to calm but loyal and affectionate.

We chose female because there were less girls in the litter, but I’m still on the fence. Our breeder says personality is much more important than gender so we’re checking the website regularly, where she posts information on each puppy. She gives them each different colored collars and takes notes on their behavior to get a sense of their personalities.

These are the puppies at about three weeks old. Still haven’t all opened their eyes yet!

new puppies!

I’ve bought a bunch of books and have been quizzing friends so I’m as prepared as possible for this big change in our lives. When I told a friend who just got a puppy a month ago that we put a deposit down and are expecting ours shortly she said “you may regret it on a  minute to minute level, but never a day by day level.”

I told her there will be no regrets, only puppy love from here on out.  How can you not love something that cute? Even if he is chewing my favorite shoes  and peeing on my rug. He/she will be a part of our family and you don’t mess with family.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on boy or girl– as we may still have a choice– and also possible names. I welcome all advice as long as it’s positive. There’s no turning back now.