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Top 7 Highlights of Mom’s Day

I had a lovely Mother’s Day. As my boys (ages 6, 8, and 12)  get older, their wishes are more heartfelt and genuine and they seem to actually show some appreciation. Wilson bought me beautiful tulips, proving  he’s learned a thing or two about what I like. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new schtick?

Here are some other highlights from my day of the Mom:

–Guilt-free morning run with beloved friend and fellow mommy

–Free pass on cooking and cleaning. Wilson made pancakes and bacon AND  took care of the dishes. (My understanding is, much like on birthdays, calories don’t count on Mother’s Day)

–Homemade cards from boys with messages as simple as “Hape Mothrs Day” and as deep as “Your guidance and support have gotten me to the person I am now so thank you.” You mean all that nagging is paying off?!

–Post-soccer flowers. The thoughtful coaches of both my boys’ teams gave each player a rose to offer mom after the game.  What’s cuter than a parade of grinning, sweaty boys carrying roses towards their beaming mothers?

–No arguments from boys on dressing up for dinner out. They actually wore  pants without an elastic waist, and a collared shirt without the name of a sports team emblazoned on it. And no complaining….that’s true love!

–Mother’s Day wishes from friends. Usually greetings are limited to family but with the beauty of social media and texting, I was feeling the holiday love online today.

— Sharing Mother’s Day with my mom. When one of my kids was whining about the restaurant being too fancy and too far she snapped, “Today is about us, the mommies. You have to do what we want to do today because every other day is about you!”  She’s badass. Thanks Mom!

To all the mothers and people who love them– hope you had a great day. You deserve it.