Carpool Candy Father’s Day gift guide 2015

Father’s Day is looming kids, but don’t fret… I’ve got some great ideas you can buy right from that warm seat in front of your computer.  Click on the links in the gift guide below and then thank me by signing up to get my blog in the right corner of your screen. Happy shopping!

Gold Standard book cover on

Books are a great gift because a real book is expensive these days and many won’t shell out the bucks for themselves, plus they show you get your guy if you pick the right ones. If he’s into pop culture, how about The Gold Standard: Rules to Rule By, by none other than Entourage super agent Ari Gold. Tongue-in-cheek advice from the self-professed King of Hollywood. Or try The Bro Code or one of its spinoff titles like, The Bro Code for Parents: What to Expect When You’re Awesome, by How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney Stinson, which will surely make any dad laugh and may teach him a thing or two.

Jeter Unfiltered cover on

If your guy is more into sports, these recent book titles got top marks on both sports and literary lists: The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown… You Can’t Make This Up,  by Al Michaels…or for Yankee and autobiography fans, Jeter Unfiltered

polaroid camera on carpoolcandy.comRetro Polaroid instant camera— Remember this guy? This old school camera in bright, fun colors produces instant color photos the size of a business card. Great for camera buffs and fans of instant gratification. ($99)

Vineyard Vines NFL ties on

Festive ties— I know, I know, ties are traditionally as exciting as a Mitch McConnell press conference, but Vineyard Vines has taken tie style to new levels with crazy cravats featuring everything from his favorite dog, to sports team, cocktail, and college. Click on the photos to see designs close-up. ($85)

small-whiskey-rocks on

Whiskey stones— Reusable soapstone cubes keep liquor perfectly chilled without diluting the flavor. Also can be heated to keep drinks warm. Hot toddy anyone? ($20)

golf ball stamp on

Golf ball stamp— This handy gadget allows your pro to label his golf balls to keep track of the ones that got away. ($30)

silicone keyboard protector on

Keyboard protector-– Much cooler and more efficient than a pocket protector, this light silicone cover keeps your keyboard pristine and hugs the keys perfectly so you won’t miss a letter. ($24)

everlane mens weekender bag on

Weekender bag — For a romantic getaway, quick business trip, or weekend with the boys, does he have a nice bag to pack? I know Wilson could use a grown up bag that doesn’t look like a worn out knapsack. This cotton twill and leather one is a good size and looks smart. ($95)

mario bedescu mens grooming kit on carpoolcandy.comMen’s Grooming Kit— For the man who likes to pamper himself, or perhaps needs to up his hygiene game a bit. These products aren’t frufru– they contain natural ingredients and vitamins, and don’t smell girly, just clean. Cleansing gel, pre-shave conditioner, shaving cream, face scrub and shaving lotion included. ($63)

salami of the month olympic provisions on

Taste of the month-– For food connoisseurs, Oregon’s Olympic Provisions crafts 12 different salamis from northwest pork using “old-world technique,” whatever that is. ($145) If cured meat isn’t his craving, how about testing his manhood with a hot sauce of the month, with names like Arrogant Bastard Ale Jalapeño Hot Sauce, to measure his mettle. ($40 for gift pack, $118 for 12 months.)

gameofthrones_tshirt on
Pop culture t-shirts-– If your guy is into TV and movies, there are tons of sites offering different styles from show logos to famous movie or TV lines, to more subtle ones like this family crest from Game of Thrones. ($19)

breaking bad tshirt on

If you don’t find what you need on this site, go to the shop section of network sites or Amazon’s t-shirts where I found this subtle but cool shirt from Walter White’s drug lord’s restaurant from Breaking Bad. ($17)

driftwood recharger on

Driftwood charging dock-– I love how this idea is simple and ridiculous all at once. Artisans in Maine find actual driftwood made soft and shiny by nature, and craft it to fit the contours of your cord and smart phone. Modern technology snuggled into a timeless gift from the good earth, like a piece of functional art. ($72)

iphone case candy gift guide

Custom smartphone/tablet case – Wilson loves his University of Michigan case, but you can pick from many schools, classic colors, or a custom design with a photo or monogram. If you can’t decide, how about a gift card? ($15 and up)

Williams Sonoma steak brand and carving board on

Steak brand and carving board— If your guy takes pride in his grilling skills (I know mine does) he’ll love this customized branding tool to put his mark on every steak he serves. Personalized carving board seals the deal. ($70)

Adonit Jot Script Evernote stylus on

Touch screen stylus— This new precision stylus, is great for high-tech note taking. The Jot Script Evernote allows your handwriting to flow as freely as your thoughts. ($75)

beer tote

Beer tote:–This sturdy, wood carrier is great for the guy who likes variety and needs a safe way to transport his cold ones. ($40)

What’s your favorite Dad’s Day goodie? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Where’s the entry for “Peace and Quiet”? Some nice choices, Brooke — but where are the home entertainment selections?…:)