TBT indulgence: Wilson and my big day 1998

As you may have read in this space, Wilson’s brother is getting married to a terrific gal this weekend. So basically our family can talk about nothing else and the preparations have taken over our lives. Dress alterations and a special bra (don’t ask!), tuxedo shoes rented and ties borrowed (Thanks Lisa!) speeches written and rewritten, family airport pickups and hotel room changes,… you get the picture.

But it’s all for the best reason, and I know once the roller coaster launches Friday night, it will be three days of joy and laughter (and maybe a little complaining from my boys about wearing a tuxedo.)

The impending nuptials inspired me to dust off Wilson and my wedding album from May 1998. We got married at the Union League Club in Chicago and it was a magical night. We even had a horse-drawn carriage drive us home. Too bad the photographer had already left and it was pre-smartphone days so we have no pictures of the romantic gesture that sent us off on our path to married life.

But I did find these photos that I thought you’d enjoy. You may have noticed I never use photos of Wilson on the blog. I’m making a small exception here but still trying to keep the mystery. Truth is, he looks better now than he did then– that stud– so you almost wouldn’t recognize him!!

The requisite bride turn back photo....

The requisite bride turn back photo….

I didn’t want an off-the-shoulder dress because I thought it would limit my dance moves. (No joke, I really thought that) but my mother talked me into this one. My favorite part was the long streamers off the bow on the back and the matching border on my veil. It’s the little things!

My maids....

My maids….

Can’t believe I made them buy matching navy dresses they’ll never wear again. Ah youth….



Can you guess which one is Wilson?

wedding chuppah

My brother walked me down the aisle.

wedding aisle

I love this photo. The room was so pretty and old in a classic way. The chuppah was made out of birch trees and my great-grandmother’s table-cloth from Russia.

Party girls

Party girls

My dress didn’t stop me from dancing all night.

Some things never change

Some things never change

I love this picture of Wilson’s Michigan crew because it could have been taken last month at one of our kids’ bar mitzvahs. They still know how to party!

wedding cake kiss

Mazel tov to Jon and Beth! May you be as happy and lucky as we are!

6 responses to “TBT indulgence: Wilson and my big day 1998

  1. Such a great post. Gorgeous bride!!

  2. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Martha Tuite

    Loved the blog. Brought back sweet
    memories. You two are still the best
    together. And now there are five!!
    Love to all. Nan

  4. Wow you were one beautiful bride. And still are! What a lucky guy I am.