Christmas New York style

Our clan kept up our annual Christmas traditions– cruising the 5th Avenue windows, gaping at the Rockefeller Tree, indulging in Christmas Eve sushi, and watching the Knicks at the Garden– to ring in the holiday.

5th Avenue holiday windows 2014 on

Tiffany’s on corner of 57th and 5th

Thought I’d share my pics. It’ll be just like you were there, without all the rain, crowds, and pain of losing (the Knicks got schooled by the Wizards 91-102.)

Sure, it was drizzling and the Midtown streets were packed with tourists walking too slowly, but I didn’t care. I love seeing how the visionaries at the big department stores create art in a small space.

Bergdorf Goodman is always my favorite. This year the theme was the arts so each window represented a different artistic discipline.

Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows 2014 on

This was the literature window…..Every image framed here is a tapestry, needle pointed, or stitched by hand. All the objects were made of fabric so the texture adds a dimension to the intense red colors. Amazing!

Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows 2014 on

Architecture had a blue vibe.

Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows 2014 on

That’s Eli’s silhouette against the original neon representing theater arts. He’s my go-to guy for window gazing. My other two find it a snore so I left them in the car with Wilson.

Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows 2014 on

Each window tableau is an individual expression, thought out and styled with precision and purpose. Eli noticed that the giant objects here mimicked what was in the painting.

Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows 2014 on

I loved the glittery jumpsuit in the music window– reminded me of Cher.

Tiffany holiday windows 2014 on

Next we moved onto Tiffany’s. The rings in the window are real giant diamonds. The box behind the gentleman’s back moved back and forth in anticipation.

Tiffany holiday windows 2014 on

Eli and I liked how they incorporated the real Tiffany jewels into New York scenes. He wanted to buy me the ring and said it probably only cost “like a thousand dollars.” I wish!

Fendi holiday windows 2014 on

Fendi kept it simple and meaningful with neon words spelling peace in various languages.

Saks holiday windows 2014 on

There’s my trusty admirer in front of the Saks windows. We loved their whimsical take on fairy tales, with a New York twist. Each window started with “Once upon a time in New York……”  and ended with a funny modern line.

This is Cinderella who was willing to entertain the prince who brought her a pair of designer shoes. Rumpelstiltskin was the meanest spin teacher in all the land, and Sleeping Beauty was having trouble keeping up in the city that never sleeps.

Saks holiday windows on

Here Snow White is worried about getting a poison apple on the street.

Rockefeller Tree on

This was as close to the Rockefeller tree as we got this year. Close enough!

Christmas sushi on

New York sushi = yum.

Knicks at MSG on

Carmelo Anthony taking a free throw

The boys were excited to see the Knicks, but were less than pleased with their performance. I like seeing the celebrities and the dancers.

Knicks at MSG on

Hope your holiday was merry and bright!






3 responses to “Christmas New York style

  1. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful NY sights! It’s almost as good as being there. : -) Happy Holidays to you & the whole family!

  2. Thanks for transporting me to NYC as I no longer get there at Christmas. It was a beautiful stroll down 5th Avenue. Great shot of our favorite-Carmelo.
    Happy New Year to all of you.