Carpool Candy 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Here’s the third and final installment of gift guides! Hope you found something good in the gift guides for ladies and gentlemen. Holiday goodies continue with kids stuff!

While putting this list together, I planned to separate boys and girls for easier shopping, but realized I didn’t want to perpetuate gender stereotypes. I bet there are boys who’d love a cooking kit and girls who’d want a basketball mug, so I mixed it up. There’s also something for all ages– from 4 year olds to fussy teens.

Click on the name of the gift for website links to buy or get more info. All different price points included. And please note that I get nada from any of these vendors. (Hopefully they’ll be cool with me swiping their photos and we’ll call it even.)

These suggestions are my gift to you, loyal readers. If you want to throw some good will my way, share the link to this list on social media. The price is right, and no wrapping!

Happy shopping!

Purl Soho kniting starter kit on

Knitting starter kit — If your gal is crafty, this kit could inspire a new passion, or add to her yarn collection. It includes enough soft Merino wool to knit a scarf, plus birch needles and an instruction book. ($62)

constructive plate set on

Construction plate & utensils— For the kid who loves trucks and/or needs a push to clean his/her plate. ($18)

Uncommon Goods Mr Food Face on

For older kids (and maybe some adults!) how fun is Mr. Food Face? There’s a Mrs. Food Face to accessorize too. ($12)

Lululemon bag on
LuLu Lemon bag— Lulu Lemon has became a coveted brand for young girls. This nylon cross-body bag is a great size, has an adjustable strap, and features special pockets for her cell phone and sunglasses. ($68)

Zara terez leggings gumballs on

Zara terez pink leggings on

Crazy leggings— I don’t have girls but the hippest little gals I know are wearing funky leggings from designer Zara Terez. Some look like blown-up photographs of candy and cereal, others are cartoonish, vintage, or psychedelic. They seem to know no age limit! ($48)

selfie wand on

Selfie wand-– Selfies aren’t going away. Kids– especially teens– love capturing their every move. This magic wand makes it easier to get cool backdrops and more people involved. ($25)

Pedi sox assortment on

Pedi-socks — If you have a girl who likes to pamper herself, pamper her further with these adorable socks that keep your tootsies warm while preserving your pedicure. Available in many patterns and colors, they may also appeal to girls who like to wear flip-flops all year long. ($12)

Whoozizit charger stickers on

iPhone recharger stickers — If your house is like mine, there’s a lot of fighting over who took the recharger. These clever sticker sets make identifying chargers a cinch. ($13 for 4)

Restoration Hardware faux fur slippers on

Faux fur slippers— This furry footwear evokes fireside at the ski lodge. They’re a bit more sophisticated than UGGs at a much cozier price. ($19)

drivers license kit on


New License kit— Older teens are hard to buy for but this kit is a nod to their new maturity and responsibility, and who wouldn’t love fuzzy dice? ($25)

Pull apart Olaf on

Talking Olaf— If your kids’ Frozen obsession hash’t cooled off, this Olaf doll can be pulled apart and put back together AND will sleigh you with jokes. ($23)

pottery barn gold star glitter pillows on

Gold star glitter pillows— Show her she shines bright in your eyes with these fun pillows for a chair or bed. She’ll probably think the sparkly cat is also adorbs. ($36)

pottery barn flower pillows on

If she’s more preppie than glitzy, try these monogrammed pillows. ($22-30)

KidStir TacoTruckBox on

Cooking kits-– Foodies can choose from baking yummy treats, or cooking sweet breakfasts or gourmet tacos. The taco kit comes with 3 Mexican recipes, fun food facts, menu suggestions, cooking tools, and all the ingredients.  ($25 for single kit or $60 for 3 months)

RH voice changer on

Voice changer – Answer the phone like a robot or record a voicemail like a spaceman. Kids will love the 9 different voice-disguising effects. You’ll like the big fun for a small price. ($12)

hoop mug on carpoolcandy.comHoop mug–Ceramic mug is perfect for shooting marshmallows into hot chocolate or crackers into soup. ($24)

receiver gloves on


Football receiver gloves — My sports-obsessed boys don’t play on a football team but love to toss the pigskin around in the park or backyard. They say these gloves are the coolest new thing because when you put your hands together to receive the ball, they create a design or spell out a logo. ($35)
cubebot on

Wooden robot — How’s this for a mix of old and new? A puzzle and toy, this beautifully carved wooden robot turns into a cube. ($20)

grommet zipline kit on

Zipline kit — We want the kids to back away from the screens and play outside more, yes? Here’s a great motivator. This kit will help you (or your handyman) set up a zipline in your backyard. And check out the light-up version for night zipping. ($120)

uncommon goods smartphone projector on carpoolcandy.comSmart phone projector— Kids can see their favorite YouTube videos and Instagram pix blown up on any wall with this simple box. Great for parties too. ($27)

grommet bracelet maker on carpoolcandy.comFriendship bracelet tool— — Maybe she’s graduated from the Rainbow Loom but still needs to get her craft on. This handy gadget was invented by a mom who saw her daughter struggling to make more intricate bracelet styles. The tool spins, and you create colorful designs, loops, zigzags and more. ($35)

thirty-one bags on carpoolcandy.comMonogrammed tote bag — Thirty-one makes sturdy, fun bags of virtually any size and shape– from lunch bags to totes to cinch-sacks– in tons of patterns.

thirty-one cinch sack on

The cinch sack can be monogrammed  for a personal touch. Perfect for sleepovers and the price is nice. ($20)

grommet inroad tape on
Portable road tape— I love this idea for little kids, especially when traveling or visiting relatives. Keep some Matchbox cars in a bag, put the tape down on any floor or table and you have an instant playground that stimulates imagination. The tape won’t damage surfaces or leave a sticky residue. You can even use it for decorating. ($13)

Japanese marbling kit on

Marbling paint kit— For the kid into art, this kit teaches Japanese marbling technique. ($16)

Hammacher Darth Vader toaster on carpoolcandy.comKitschy toasters-– If your kids are into certain pop culture icons, this may help you get them out of the bed in the morning. The Star Wars logo as Darth Vader transforms innocent slices of bread into sinister breakfast tokens of evil. ($50)

Hello Kitty toaster on

If Hello Kitty is more your style, she comes on toast too.

If you don’t find everything you need on these lists, check out the 2012 gift guides for kids here and 2013’s here.

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  2. I just ordered the selfie wand for my 13 yr old granddaughter. Thanks for the great idea. Would Jacob like one?