My Halloween scrooges

I used to get excited about Halloween.

We’d go to the pumpkin patch in search of the best gourds to carve, then toast pumpkin seeds and ghost the neighbors with fun treats and spooky poems.

Now it’s just about the candy.

Lame Halloween costumes on

In 2007, the sports trend began with Jacob.

When my boys were little we’d study the costume catalogs and pick some classics… or try to come up with clever, original outfits for them.

Lame Halloween costumes on

Jacob got creative in 2008.

That lasted a few years, but about 5 years ago, my older two– Jacob and Aden– started to turn on me.

They were so over Halloween and didn’t want to dress up.

Lame Halloween costumes on

Aden’s debut as a Giant in 2008

Aden was so stubborn one year, he refused to bring a costume to school for the annual parade and preferred to sit in the library with the abstaining religious kids instead of holiday marching.

Lame Halloween costumes on

The downward spiral of lame begins. Orange hair as costume.

They do the absolute minimum to dress up, because I made it clear they may not trick-or-treat without a costume. No dressy, no Hershey!

For the last few years, at least one of them has been a superhero (store-bought)…

Lame Halloween costumes on

Eli as the caped crusader in 2008.

….or a sports player– hardly a stretch as they wear football jerseys and sweatpants to school every day anyway. They put on a helmet and feel candy-ready.

Lame Halloween costumes on

Aden in 2009. Very original.

Other years, they’ve dressed as a robber: all black clothes and a black ski hat. Lame Halloween costumes on

Surprise! Robber, superhero and sports player in 2010.

Lame Halloween costumes on

Aden’s friend Mac had the gumption to dress as a girl. But Aden stayed safe in 2011.

I would not call this sperm-like costume inventive, just creepy.

Great Halloween costume on carpool

J and pals’ not exactly inspired costume in 2011.

One year, when he wasn’t a superhero or ninja, Eli indulged me as Justin Bieber. He was perfect and I was thrilled!!

Great Halloween costume on carpool

The Biebs in 2011

I’d have to coast on that because the following year was Superstorm Sandy. Halloween was all messed up and somehow I have no photos of it. I’m sure my kids used the storm as an excuse not to dress up and I was so wiped out from freezing my tush off with no heat and wandering around looking for a recharge with no power that I let them trick-or-treat in street clothes. Heathens!

Last year, Eli went as a ninja….

Lame Halloween costumes on

Aden went rogue…. as the Giants coach.

Lame Halloween costumes on

This week, I’ve been impressed and incredibly jealous of friends posting pics of their kids in homemade, creative costumes.

Halloween costume Hershey kiss on

How adorable is this homemade Hershey kiss? Great job Carly!

I try to suggest some original costumes every year and get shut down faster than Aden can gobble a Reeses peanut butter cup.

Cool Halloween costume on

Jared’s bloody zombie is killer

My friend, Amy’s kids love to be pop culture personalities. This year her son’s dressing up as Pharrell. And how cool is this?

Amazing kid Halloween costumes on

Amy’s kids in 2011: Barry Gibb and Ellen Degeneres.

This year Aden is dressing as a robber and Eli will be soccer star Cristian Ronaldo. As of now, Jacob has no costume.

(Heavy sigh)

Sometimes in parenthood, you just have to lower expectations. At least this year Halloween falls on a Friday, so I’ll be nursing my disappointment with a glass of wine and several Baby Ruth minis.

Post your favorite costume pix in the comments. Happy Halloween!

3 responses to “My Halloween scrooges

  1. Loved your remarks and all the costumes! Ila
    Your boys are just great!

  2. That was a great one, brooke !
    My favorite line here : “The down ward spiral of lame begins. Orange hair as costume”