Scenes of Summer 2014

The kids went back to school today and football season is underway, so despite the steamy temperatures, summer is officially over.

It was great while it lasted.

Instead of telling you all about it, I’m going to show you some of my highlights in pictures…..

June and July brought lots of baseball. I lost count but it’s safe to say between three travel teams, my boys played at least 55 games in about 6 weeks.

Baseball Summer 2014 on

Jacob’s rec team won the Babe Ruth championship

Baseball Summer 2014 on

We like to act tough and accessorize on and off the field

Baseball Summer 2014 on

Eli played his first season of summer ball

Baseball Summer 2014 on

Sometimes we had three games on one night!

Baseball Summer 2014 on

Aden made his league’s All-Star team and won the game.

Baseball Summer 2014 on

Throwing heat. Look at the determination in the mouth!

We swam in various pools….

Pool fun Summer 2014 on

Mid-air pre-splash catch!

….Took long walks on the beach, and tackled waves in the ocean.

Beach walking  Summer 2014 on

Spring Lake, NJ

Beach walking  Summer 2014 on

Shadow shot/Spring Lake

We even got some culture….

Jeff Koons exhibit on

Jeff Koons exhibit at Whitney Museum of Art, NYC

Jeff Koons exhibit on

Pondering modern art with Grandpa & Grandma at the Whitney

Jenkinson's Aquarium, Point Pleasant, NJ on

Sea creature

Jenkinson's Aquarium, Point Pleasant, NJ on

Jenkinson’s Aquarium, Point Pleasant, NJ

I saw Billy Joel again with my mom. Even better the second time! Especially when he sang “Uptown Girl” during the encore to Christie Brinkley in the front row!

Billy Joel at MSG on

Madison Square Garden/NYC

Billy Joel at MSG on

Gorgeous as ever and clearly enjoying the song choice

And as you may know from a previous blog, my long-time bachelor brother-in-law got engaged to a great gal.

best engagement story on

He did a great job on the ring

We spent some time in the Windy City….

Wrigley Field on

Caught a few innings of a Cubs game before it poured rain.

Bean sculpture Chicago on

The boys didn’t enjoy seeing the famous bean sculpture at Millennium Park as much as I did.

Lincoln Park zoo Chicago on

Eli cooling off at the Spouting Faces Crown Fountain in Millennium Park

Lincoln Park zoo Chicago on

Monkeying around at the Lincoln Park Zoo

And finished the summer up with friends on Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore.

LBI on

Beach football

Paddle boarding on LBI on

Paddle boarding on the bay

 LBI on

Aden hates looking into the sun

My only complaint is that we were too busy. Not enough down time to reboot. A luxury problem, I know.

Still, my favorite moments were the quiet ones.

Lake Michigan on

This beautiful view of Lake Michigan made me want to meditate.

Chicago lakefront on

Solo run on Chicago lakefront brought back memories

Beach reading on

I took this in Spring Lake, NJ. A quiet beach with a book is my happy place. Proud to say I conquered all 771 pages of “The Goldfinch”!!!

Hope your summer was full of sunshine and a dash of Zen!


5 responses to “Scenes of Summer 2014

  1. Glad anonymous and Jackie liked the blog too!

  2. Ha Thea! I actually brought your book to LBI but had to finish Goldfinch first. Soon, soon! Have fun in Germany!

  3. Loved this!! At my age, pictures are so much easier than words!!! Hope the boys are settling in well at school!!!

  4. Wonderful blog for us, seeing all of you having a wonderful summer. Miss you . Grandma Jackie

  5. Brooke, did you loose weight? You look very slim.
    Great pictures, except the last one could have been No Place for a Lady.
    I am in Germany – bad weather, but fun. Thea