Rob Lowe inspires readers to take chances in Love Life

Skeptics stay with me. I recently reviewed actor Rob Lowe’s new book, Love Life, and guess what? That pretty boy can write.

I chose the book because I’d heard from fellow pop culturites that his first book, an autobiography called Stories I Only Tell My Friends was terrific.

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The critically acclaimed bestseller traced his life from insecure theater nerd living in Ohio to young movie star and 80’s it-boy. He’s candid about his alcohol abuse and the rehab stint in 1990 that changed the course of his life, and led to his continued success in plum TV roles on many hit shows including The West Wing, Californication, and Parks and Recreation. 

I thought it made sense to read both books to compare the second one to the first. I was not disappointed. I’d even read a third!

Lowe is a gifted storyteller who uses humor and self-deprecation to draw readers in, and keeps their attention with fun tales of Hollywood behind-the-scenes.

Love Life is a collection of essays that reveal more about Lowe’s family life and personal philosophy, while still dishing details on show biz. Here’s an excerpt from my review:

Fans who fear he gave up all the good stuff in the first book will be pleasantly surprised.

“Love Life” is catnip for pop culture addicts. Lowe names some names (his torturous kissing scene with singer Jewel, and actor Tom Sizemore’s personal meltdown are two examples) but is coy about other famous “friends” — tantalizing readers with only hints of the players in some juicy stories.

Lowe talks about the craft of acting, offering tips on how to eat, use props, and ad lib on camera. He often reminds readers entertainment is a business, and success is fleeting. That’s driven home in the failure of two shows he produced and starred in, even turning down the part Patrick Dempsey made into McDreamy in “Grey’s Anatomy,” for a series that never got past a few episodes. But every experience helps him grow. “The only time you flop is when you don’t learn something,” Lowe writes.

A contender in movies, TV, and politics, Lowe meets Prince William and Kate, exchanges notes with Bill Clinton, and pals around with scores of A-list celebrities. But instead of just name-dropping, he has a way of making the reader feel like he snuck us in his shirt pocket and took us along for the ride.

As he stares at Warren Beatty’s Oscar at the legend’s home; or turns down Madonna for a dance at the Palladium; or is in the room with Arnold Schwarzenegger as he won the California gubernatorial election, he’s looking over at us whispering, “Can you believe this?!”  

 He manages to make being Rob Lowe somehow seem normal.

To read the rest of the review click here.

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If you grew up in the 80’s, if you like insider stories about how Hollywood works, if you enjoy smart, funny yarns, you’ll enjoy Love Life.

Both books have several pages of photos of Lowe through the years with his family and notable celebs. That bastard has barely aged a bit.

But don’t hold that handsome face against him.

Would you read the book? Tell me why/why not in the comments.


3 responses to “Rob Lowe inspires readers to take chances in Love Life

  1. I loved his first book, and can’t wait to get my hands on this one! After I finished the first, I told everyone I knew that they had to read it…and most looked at me like I was nuts. He is an excellent storyteller, and made me feel so at home in his world that I feel like I could approach him in public and not be completely intimidated by his celebrity. (I say that now, but odds are, I’d pass out on the spot.) Oh, and I miss him so, so much on Parks & Rec!

  2. Great review and I wholeheartedly agree! I’m in the middle of the book now. I loved the first book too. My favorite chapter in this one has to be the one about his son going to college. It was beautifully written and tugged at my heartstrings. I like our little peek into celebrity lives but was wishing for a little more namedropping….dying to know the identities of some of the people he is talking about.

    • Thanks Sherrie ! Me too. I think the crazy movie star he talks abt at the beginning of love life is Robert Downey Jr. There are some others I have theories on too. Let’s discuss! 😃