Carpool Candy holiday gift guide for men 2013

There are so many gift possibilities for women– we love clothes,  jewelry, accessories, home goods, beauty products… I could go on and on. But men, not so much. Guys either think they don’t need anything, or can be picky and ambivalent.

Here are some suggestions that might earn you a smooch under the mistletoe.

Williams Sonoma steak brand and carving board on

Steak brand and carving board:  If your guy takes pride in his grilling skills (I know mine does) he’ll love this customized branding tool to put his mark on every steak he serves. Personalized carving board seals the deal. ($70)

3 in one grill tool on

Three-in-one BBQ tool:   While we’re in the backyard, this guy gadget serves many purposes and is perfect for those who like being first to have the new thing.  This baby functions as a spatula, fork and tongs all at once.  ($38)

Mark and Graham leather ipad case on

Leather iPad case:  Sometimes you just want to feel like a grown up. ($79)  

Grommet cord organizer on

Cord organizer:  And while he’s feeling mature, how about untangling his affairs with this leather cord organizer. So simple, yet so handy. ($40)

Adonit Jot Script Evernote stylus on

Touch screen stylus:   Let’s round out the tech section with this new precision stylus, specifically for note taking. The Jot Script Evernote allows your handwriting to flow as freely as your thoughts. ($75)

Complete Worst Scenario survival handbook on

The Complete Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook:   This important tome offers advice on challenges as varied as wrestling an alligator to calming a crying child, to extinguishing a barbecue. Gag gift or a lifesaver? Quite possibly both. ($17)

weird beard hat on

Weird beard hat:   I don’t know if any man you’re buying for would want to wear this but it was too hilarious to exclude. It does look warm…. ($30)

Superduper tiny tool kit on

Superduper tiny tool kit:    Smaller than a credit card, this gadget has 11 functioning tools, including a screwdriver, wrench, and bottle opener in a minute stainless steel package. It’s also a steel –see what I did there?– at $5.  

Beer tote on

Beer tote:  This sturdy, wood carrier is great for the guy who likes variety and needs a safe way to transport his cold ones.  ($40)

Bathroom guest book on

Bathroom Guestbook:  I guess I’m putting this on the men’s list because all males find anything remotely related to bodily functions hilarious. Guests can scribble their deep thoughts or criticisms of your loo’s décor or amenities in this cheeky john journal. ($13)

Shutterfly photo phone case on

Photo phone case:   Keep your favorite people close at hand with this personalized phone case. This is exactly the kind of gift Wilson would never buy for himself but would be happy to have. ($28- 56)

Gary Poppions gourmet popcorn on carpoolcandy.comGourmet popcorn:     If you have a foodie in your life, this variety pack of Gary Poppins popcorn is a high-end treat. Samplers include standards like caramel and cheddar, but also kick it up a notch with white cheddar jalapeno, cheddar bacon ranch, creamy dill, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate Oreo. Yum! ($28-56)

Digits glove tips on

Smartphone glove tips:     In my exhaustive research I found this cool website with products invented by regular peops like you and me. Digits are fingertip-sized pins that attach to the gloves you already own, and enable you to use your smart phone and stay warm.  ($12)

flag cufflinks on

Flag cufflinks:   You can’t go wrong with patriotism and style, right? ($50)

If you didn’t find a match on this list, try last year’s here.

Wilson is trying to establish a “no-gift” policy between us this year but I’m going to buy him something anyway. Which do you think he’ll like best? Tell me in the comments…  and let me know what you’re getting the guy (s) in your life. I promise not to tell!

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  1. Your gift ideas are fantastic! (Not that your other posts aren’t great… I love them too :))