Top 7 baseball accessories

My older sons play summer baseball so when the season starts next week, I’ll be looking at at least 50 games in the next 2 months. My minivan will be overflowing with Gatorade bottles, cleat dirt, and batting gloves and my butt will have permanent bleacher marks.

Top 7 baseball accessories

After 5 years of being part of this traveling circus, I’ve learned a thing or two about what you need to get through games, in spite of remote locations and steamy temperatures. There are certain necessary accessories that keep everyone happy — from Assistant Coach Wilson, to players Aden (10) and Jacob (13), to their brother, Eli (7) who’s become quite the dugout rat.

Cooler for drinks/snacks— Usually peanuts and Cracker Jack don’t cut it. I would not be caught dead without cold drinks and snacks, especially for away games. You never know how long you could be stuck on a field somewhere. This Good Housekeeping list of the best coolers provides a variety of size, styles, colors, and carrying ease.

Tent – It took years of burning in the bleachers before I finally wised up and purchased a tent for shade. After polling mom experts, I chose this Quik Shade tent because it’s easy to put up and transport.  I also try to always have sunscreen in the car. If only there were somewhere to plug-in a fan….

Best  baseball accessories

Water bottles— I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m told these water bottles will keep a drink icy for up to 10 hours, even sitting in the hot sun.  I’m taking a leap and ordering these Contigo vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottles.

Cooling towel-– This is a new one for me, but moms of athletes swear by the Frogg Togg Chilly Pad.  You wet the towel in cold water and it miraculously becomes considerably cooler than the outside air but somehow feels dry, and can provide cold relief to players and fans on a hot day. It apparently stays cool up to 4 hours and when it stops cooling, you can rewet it and use it again.  And it’s machine washable. Sounds like a home run.

 baseball accessories: frogg togg cooling towel

Stadium chair— I have lower back issues so sitting in the bleachers or even on a folding chair for hours is a killer. This stadium chair is pretty light and clamps onto most bleacher types.

Eye black-– Jacob found these personalized eye black stickers, made to block out the sun, but he only wears them to look cool. He has some with his jersey number, and some with his team name, but you can create any message you want on the website.  They only cost $1 per pair so they make a great gift for sluggers.

baseball accessories: eyeblack

Wine tote— When you’re sick of complaints about the umpire, or need inspiration for extra innings, a little sip can be helpful. This wine tote keeps your bottle from breaking when it knocks up against the batting helmets in the car.  There’s also a 6-pack tote if you prefer brewskies in the stands. (For non-drivers only.)

Do you have any favorite sports accessories? Please share in the comments.

3 responses to “Top 7 baseball accessories

  1. Jennifer Backer

    just ordered the water bottles and the towel. great finds. g just started summer baseball league yesterday…here we go again.

  2. Thanks Brooke – this is great. We swear by the contigo coffee mugs in our house. I am sure the water bottles will work great as well.
    Maybe I should buy a tent so the moms and dads on the sidelines can keep cool….