Blogger birthday bounty

One of the best parts of blogging is having a forum to vent about things that really irk me. Last summer I wrote a post entitled “Birthday wishes on Facebook are lame.”  (You can read the diatribe here.I got a lot of positive responses, but I’m sure there were even more people grumbling about it.

Facebook Birthday Wishes are Lame

Every day I see people offering birthday salutations on social media so I suppose I’m in the minority on this issue. I just find it amusing to receive 3-word birthday wishes from dozens of people you never speak to, because they saw it in the corner of their home page.

I said in the post that it’s my policy not to recognize birthdays on Facebook. I apologize in advance to friends, colleagues, former coworkers, people I knew in high school, my brother’s friends from high school, family friends I haven’t laid eyes on in 30 years, my kids’ friends’ parents, my parents’ friends’ kids…you get the point.

I will send you an email or give you a call. I may even send you a card in the mail if I get my act together.

I love me some birthday cake!

I love birthday cake!

This week I am celebrating a birthday. Here’s what I had to say in my previous post about that:

For those of you who want to hollah at me on my special day, I beg you to send me an email or give me a call. Don’t wish me a happy birthday on Facebook and think that if it’s followed by three exclamation points instead of one, I’ll know you really care.

Plus then I’ll have to send a big , fake “Thank you! I feel the love!” to all the slackers who contributed to the birthday comments. I hate that.

The best gift you could get me ….would be to comment on my blog. Then I’ll know you care enough to read the very best.

Rereading this, it sounds kind of bitter. I’m sorry for that, Facebook users. I’m generally a positive person but I also gotta keep it real.

If you’re reading this, you’ve clicked on my blog and that’s the best present. If you want extra brownie points, leave a comment! It’s like icing on the cake.


34 responses to “Blogger birthday bounty

  1. Rosie Ahkami

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    I so agree with you on this and love reading your blogs!

  2. Well said, and Happy Birthday!

  3. Thanks to all for your gracious comments. Most comments in carpoolcandy history! I feel the love– what a great gift. xoxo

  4. Happy birthday Brooke! Hope you are being treated like a queen (or at least not a servant!).
    Though I like facebook birthdays, I can understand your feelings. Love your blog…..

  5. You’re becoming a curmudgeon in your old age. Lol! Happy Birthday!

  6. You’re becoming a curmudgeon in your old age. Lol! Happy Birthday!

  7. Hope you’re having a great day. If I had gotten my act together, I would have wished you a happy birthday at the bus stop. But maybe it’s actually a good thing that I haven’t checked Facebook before 8 a.m.!

  8. Always enjoy your blog – have a very happy birthday 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday, Honey. What’s this facebook thing you are referring to?

  10. Happy birthday Brooke! i always enjoy reading your blog. (But I like FB bdays, even if they’re a bit fake.)

  11. I also posted on FB, but wanted to say Happy Birthday here as well!! In this world of “diarrhea of the mouth” blogs, you rock. You are funny and positive and REAL. It’s refreshing. There is none of the canned “zen” crap, nor do you play the “poor me” card. (some people really need better therapists!!) Enjoy your special day…I hope the boys spoil you!! 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday Brooke!!!! (that’s 4!) I hope to get not only brownie points, but also some of your awesome brownies for leaving a comment. Of course, that can wait til tomorrow as I wouldn’t expect you to bake on your birthday 🙂 I LOVE the blog (even if I don’t always comment) xoxo

  13. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂 Here’s to another amazing year full of wonderful stories to tell.

  14. Happy birthday bitter birthday Queen! Hope you enjoy your day. xx

  15. Brownie points plus icing. Happy Birthday and you get three exclamation points!!!

  16. SuperAuntieNan

    Here’s more icing on your cake! Have a fabulous day sweetie.
    Your blog fans in so.Ca.

  17. Thanks to all for the clicks and good wishes! Rebecca makes a good point abt FB being like locker decorating. I’ll try to have a more open mind to it this year!

  18. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  19. Happy Birthday, Brooke! Hope you have a great day tomorrow.
    While I agree that a call or an email might take more effort and be a preferable expression of affection, I, for one, am happy to have anyone think of me fondly and wish we me well in any form — even if it is just a quick Happy B-day with 3 exclamation points!

  20. sarah barton

    Happy Birthday Brooke!
    I love your blog and look forward to reading
    it-thank you for sharing your “gift”-
    Hope you get some gifts of your own today,
    and that you have a wonderful year ahead!
    Lots of love,

  21. P.S. happy birthday! (Showing restraint with a solo !)

  22. I confess – I kind of enjoy the FB bday love – kind of the grown up equivalent to having your locker decorated on the big day!

  23. Happy birthday! Love love love the blog! Hope you have a great birthday, that the boys in you life are extra nice to you tomorrow, and that Wilson makes you feel extra special!! More importantly, I hope we get to see you sooner than later! Happy birthday!

  24. Martha Tuite

    Hope you get more cake, more comments and all your wishes come true. Happy happy.

  25. ummm, hbty? 🙂 hope you had a good time in FL – hopefully our paths will cross at ibis sometime in the coming year.

  26. I love your blogs, Brooke! Keep up the good work! And have a very wonderful, relaxing birthday. : – )

  27. R old school bday cards in the mail acceptable ? As that’s what I did for ur bday ! Enjoy and eat lots of that cake. B

  28. Jennifer Backer

    I want extra brownie points!!! but I also agree with you, I don’t get/like the bday FB thing either.

  29. Happy 29th!

  30. Have a fabulous birthday! Icing on the cake!

  31. Kristen Grode

    Happy birthday Brooke!!
    Although I agree with your Facebook birthday greetings policy, I do like that they’re listed….I can stop trying (and failing) to remember everyone’s big days! LOL
    So love your blogs…thank you for using your gift of writing to entertain all your followers!!! Xoxo