I love me some Timberlake

My boy JT hosted Saturday Night Live this week and he killed it.  My favorite host since he first appeared, he never disappoints, playing scores of characters as diverse as Robin Gibb, a cup of soup, and a Beyonce backup dancer.

He’s uber-talented: he sings, he dances, and he creates crazy characters and fully commits, which is what works on SNL.  But it’s the way he exudes joy and ease when he performs that makes him so much fun to watch.

Justin Timberlake snl promo

The first half of the show was much stronger than the back half but there were some very funny skits….

–The show started with Justin sitting at a piano– donning turquoise sequins and a terrible wig– as Elton John doing a gig at Hugo Chavez’s funeral.  He sang a funny spoof of “Candle in the Wind,” with words that highlighted some of Chavez’s more ridiculous behavior.  You can watch in on YouTube here.

–As a 5th-time host, Justin’s monologue included his entry into the five-timers club, with cameos by legendary hosts like Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, and Candice Bergen. All at their most sarcastic and condescending, they showed newbie Justin around the club complete with Dan Akroyd tending the mini bar and Martin Short serving appetizers. Classic.

—  I liked a “Dating Game” spoof that pitted Justin and Andy Samberg’s “dick-in-a-box” 80’s studs against Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd’s “wild and crazy guys” to compete for the same woman. I don’t know how they do those idiot sharp guys with a straight face but it’s the earnestness that cracks me up.

Dancing tofu on "SNL"/NBC

Dancing tofu on “SNL”/NBC

–Fav skit had to be “Veganville.” A Justin classic, he dresses in a ridiculously large costume– this time a giant piece of tofu–  to sell some product on the street.  There are few who could make that sight gag work and he makes it soar. With only a week to rehearse how does he remember all the words to 5 or 6 original raps and maintain perfect timing and dance moves? And who else could pull off adorable tofu? It’s one of the most endearing performances on TV people. Don’t miss it here.

My boy wonder played host and musical guest. I’ve heard the new single”Suit and Tie” and saw him perform it on the Grammies. I wasn’t loving it at first but after hearing it a few times and seeing him in his tux swaying all over the stage, I’m sold. He brought out JZ to rap and looked like he was having the time of his life.

That’s what I love about him, he always looks like he’s the most fun at the party and performing isn’t work. It just comes naturally.

Critics say his turn acting in movies has not been impressive. I say he’s just been acting in the wrong movies. He’s better at comedy than drama. When he finds the right vehicle, everyone else will get it.

Maybe then I won’t look like such a diehard Timberfan.  But I’m fine with it. There are much naughtier ways to spend a Saturday night.

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