The best medicine

Sorry for the short post today but all my running around has run me down and I’m not feeling well. I went old school to treat my cold, popping Airborne vitamin C pills every three hours, drinking lots of liquids, and taking Nyquil before bed to get some sleep with this stuffy nose and head.

A cold is frustrating for a busy mom because you’re not sick enough to be in bed but just enough to feel like junk. Plus you can’t take anything for it.

I know it’s a sign from the universe to slow down. But who has the time?

I tried to take my routine down a notch in the last few days, which always freaks my kids out. When I got home from work Friday instead of bustling around or planning to go out, I parked myself on the couch and caught up on “American Idol” (another post on that to come.)

My boys looked concerned. Then 7-year-old Eli disappeared for a while. When I told him it was time for bed he begged me for more time to finish his project. I was getting annoyed and trying to muster up the energy to carry him upstairs when he handed me this.

Get well card for mommy

That’s he and I holding hands on the front…

….and inside was a football (not sure why, I guess cause he loves football) and this:

get well card for mommy

I mean really.

Some say laughter is the best medicine, but this card made me instantly feel better.

That Eli’s a keeper!

One response to “The best medicine

  1. Grandpa Mike

    There is a lot of Lefferts in that little boy and although I can’t and will not take any credit for him, I sure am proud of him.