This is me, on a wall

I was furiously bustling around my kitchen today, cleaning off counters, putting away food, and waiting for the sweet potatoes to finish cooking in the microwave when I glanced up at my wall o’ stuff.

Everyone has one, right? A bulletin board, chalk board, desk, or basket that’s teeming with symbols of your busy life.

I looked at it objectively for the first time and thought how perfectly it spells out where I am, who I am, right now.

What do you think?

busy mom's bulletin board of stuff

This is what you’ll find there, shoved haphazardly into the clips of an old Pottery Barn card holder:

School notices for events. (Some I’ll enjoy, some I’ll tell my kids I forgot.)

Family pictures. (Old ones that make me smile.)

Word box calendar. (My 1st grader’s crutch for weekly sentences.)

School lunch calendar. (For days when pizza & pancakes make life easy.)

–Restaurant coupons.  (Which I repeatedly save and never remember to use.)

–Meditation card. (Promo from local Buddhist center.  I’ll get there someday.)

–Party invitations. (A reminder of presents to buy, fun to have.)

–Martha’s Vineyard postcard. (Looking at that beach brings me back.)

-Permission slips. (For school trips to UN and a play.)

-Family calendar. (Filled with photos of memories past and events to come.)

-Reading lists. (My kids will never get to all those books but we try.)

–Train schedule. (Helps me get to work (and some play) on time.)

-Kid art. (Once it goes up, it rarely ever comes down.)

What’s on your wall of stuff?

One response to “This is me, on a wall

  1. Ruth-Ellen Amen

    My “wall of stuff” is on the side of my refrigerator. It contains the birth notices of my 5 grandchildren, pictures of family and special friends, , art work drawn by said grandchildren and, as of today, the sweetest handmade Valentine’s Day card from my Jersey boys.