The best live concert on TV: Grammys 2013 wrap

OK kids,  this is going to be a quickie. I enjoyed the Grammys this year and there were some memorable performances….

Taylor Swift opened the show with an elaborate production of “We are never ever ever getting back together.” The skinny on Twitter is that she sang one of the lines in a British accent as a dig at ex Harry Styles.  (Oh No, she di-int!) Proving once again, the Grammys are a bit like the Hollywood prom.

–The King and Queen of the prom? Beyonce and JZ of course. They sat in the front row, him with a big glass of booze and her looking ga ga gorgeous in an elegant black and white jumper.

–JZ did get out of his seat to perform with Justin Timberlake, making his triumphant return to music. Not sure I love the new song but couldn’t love JT more. So cute, so talented, such swagger and style. He did a whole black and white bit that sort of worked but watching him move was the thing. The room went crazy for it.


–There was a memo leaked from CBS last week warning performers and presenters not to show too much skin. The usual suspects must have missed the memo. Katie Perry had an eye-opening green dress that accentuated her girls. And speaking of green, look for Florence of Florence and the Machine’s Givenchy metallic green thing. JLo looked amazing in a long black dress with a slit up the right side that looked like she was wearing only a leotard. Take that Angelina Jolie!

–My girl from “GirlsLena Dunham was there with her boyfriend, the guitarist for fun.. who thanked her in his award speech. #Cute

–I love The Lumineers. There’s something so simple and sweet about that “Hey Ho” song that speaks to me.

–Performances worth finding online:

Taylor Swift’s opening number…. Justin Timberlake…. Kelly Clarkson singing “Natural Woman” in honor of Carole King…Rihanna singing “Could You Be Loved ” dedicated to Bob Marley and looking hot….. Sting and Bruno Mars sing Mars’ hit “Locked Out of Heaven” into The Police’s “Walking on the Moon. ”   (Side note: what is Sting eating/doing? He looks fantastic.)…Carrie Underwood  belted out two perfect numbers as a light show appeared on her ball gown….A Tribute to The Band’s Levon Helm had  a jammin version of “The Weight” featuring the Zac Brown Band, Elton John, and many others.

Other than JLo and Florence’s showstoppers, I didn’t see any dresses that wowed– although Carrie Underwood looked beautiful in a sparkly gown when she won. You can see all the fashion pix here.  Misses: Miranda Lambert: beautiful girlbeautiful voice, bad dress…. Someone named Kimbra who sang with Gotye wore some see-through, studded, mermaid mish-mash disaster…. Love Adele but her dress looked like a carpet-bag or Grandma’s drapes. Sorry love.

That’s my brief rookie wrap. Unlike some past years, I actually knew most of the performers and nominees. Not sure if that’s because my kids make me constantly listen to HITS-1 or if maybe music isn’t skewing so young this year. I like it when music shows don’t make me feel ancient.

2 responses to “The best live concert on TV: Grammys 2013 wrap

  1. Awesome roundup! I missed The Grammys. Thanks for catching me up!

  2. Forgot to add Maroon 5 and Alicia Keyes who did a great duet also… Check it out.