A word about blogging and some of my fav bloggers

JakeKeepingScore kids sports blog

I’m coming up on the first anniversary of carpoolcandy.com. It’s an intense commitment but rewarding in so many ways. You can’t improve as a writer unless you write consistently and this forum allows me to do that, while hopefully entertaining you at the same time. I try to blog three times a week and that routine provides a mental challenge to come up with ideas, while keeping my writing muscles active.

But a large part of being a blogger is promoting your posts and finding new ways to get more readers. That part is not my forte.

I know there are a million sites I should be looking at and contributing to, but I can’t seem to find the time. I’m working and running a family so just getting the blog out feels like a triumph most days. The thought of selling myself is not motivating. But I know that’s part of the game and I want to be a player.

Blogging is a solitary vocation. Sharing your personal stories and opinions is a risky and often terrifying experience. That’s why when I meet a fellow blogger, I’m instantly intrigued and enamored. Only other bloggers know the fear of staring at a blank screen. Or the aggravation of technical problems that zapped one of the best paragraphs you’ve ever written. Or the gut punching nag in the middle of the night you feel when you posted something negative about another person’s work.

There are plenty of crazies out there who blog for attention and shock value. There are more whose prose makes me squirm and wonder how they can proudly hit the publish button.

But then there are those who make me laugh, cry, and envy their talent. I’m celebrating some of my favorite fellow bloggers today. I may not be good at touting my blog but I love to promote others. Some are friends, but most I met through writing. It’s hard to keep up with so many blogs  so while I don’t read them all religiously, I am spiritually connected to each one.

Check them out when you have a moment or save this post in your email to look at later. You won’t be disappointed.

Gossip/celebrities/pop culture:   http://dishuponastar.blogspot.com/  This celebrity-obsessed writer cracks me up with her shameless commentary on all things Hollywood, with a New York point of view.

chewnibblenosh food blog

Food:    http://chewnibblenosh.com/ This blog will make you want to flee to the market and spend a day in the kitchen, even if you hate to cook. I love her voice, most of her recipes are simple and family-friendly, and her photos are gorgeous.

Design:     http://jlatter.com/category/news/  This LA-based interior designer has great taste and style, and a curiosity about how things are made. She’s into the texture and artistry of objects– both old and new– and turning your passion into personal style in the home.

Parenting:    http://www.ratedpthemusical.com/blog.php This actress and mom of two wrote a brilliant musical about parenting called “Rated P for Parenthood.”  Now she blogs about those mom moments when you want to stop and soak it all in….or soak your kids with a rubber hose.

peachesandcocnuts humor blog

Humor:     http://www.peachesandcoconuts.com/ From this hilarious writer’s “about” page: A lady-loving lady who has finally come to terms with her inner Jewish mother. I blog for you because there is no “i” in u-terus. Need I say more?

Sports:    http://jakekeepingscore.wordpress.com/  I can’t write about favorite bloggers and not include my son, Jacob’s, sports blog. He only writes once a week and I rarely understand everything he says, but for a 13-year-old he’s  a terrific storyteller with a unique point of view. Sports fans love it.

These are only a few of the many blogs I read, and I’ll feature more from time to time. Let me know what you think. I’d also love to know which of my posts you click on more– family life or pop culture– or does it just depend on the topic? Any insight into what readers like is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Brooke! I adore your blog and cannot believe it’s been a year since we took that class. Keep up the awesome posts!