Best 2012 year-end lists and photos, so far

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I’m a huge fan of year-in-review pieces. Memorable TV moments, best books, funniest tweets…you name it– I love a good wrap-up list.

I scanned the interweb for some good ones you can peruse during this slow holiday week. Click on the links below to get to the lists.

If you like your refresher in one quick shot– has a 60-second year in review of news events with compelling photos. The site also has more photo reviews in sports, music and politics.

Yahoo has several roundups of events including a comprehensive  top 10 news stories of the year.

This was the year I became a Twitter addict. I’m not necessarily proud of it but I can’t seem to stop (#convert). Time magazine compiled a list of the best Twitter feeds of 2012 which is great for both newbies and those of us who are always looking for the best feeds to follow.

Another interesting  social media-related compilation is called Top 10 Lists-o-Rama, which details the most popular searches, people, and questions on Yahoo this year. You can see everything from top requested recipes to top song lyrics.

We lost some huge stars this year: Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, and Dick Clark to name just a few. To remember them all, check out this slide show of notable deaths of 2012.

Sports fans will like ESPN’s photo gallery of the best of the Summer Olympic Games, and animal lovers should view NBC’s Today show’s list of 12 most liked animal stories of 2012.

Of course best pop culture lists are completely subjective. I watch only 4 and a half of the shows list in this Huffington Post list of 2012’s top 10 best shows.  My DVR is at least half on track.

Entertainment Weekly’s best books of the year made me want to fill up my Kindle and if you’re into music, has a robust array of best of lists. I browsed through the top 50 albums and had not even heard of most of the artists so I’m out of my element there.

Many of the major news outlets have not published their year-end lists yet so I’ll be looking for more this week. Please let me know in the comments if you see any other lists or pieces worth a look.

One response to “Best 2012 year-end lists and photos, so far

  1. What are your top ten in each category? I’d be interested because you are the only one I know that is in to all the different media.