Sandy update

Our house is still without power. Still feeling lucky that we have no tree or water damage and we are all safe….but starting to get bitter! We are coooooooooold! And tired. And while we are so grateful for the many friends who have opened their homes to us freely, it’s hard to be a guest all the time and after a week, we just want our own space!

Today is my first day back at work and it actually feels good to do something normal and have unconditional heat. I literally looked at the lights in the bathroom with wonder and the glare hurt my eyes after a week of so much darkness!

My lovely friend Greg offered a spot in his car service this morning so we piled in at 6am and got to the city by 730am, which was not bad at all. My way home will be another  story as the buses and trains are not direct and will be jam packed with stranded Sandys.


Only one of my boys’ schools opened today. One school has no power, the other has too many live wires nearby. We are hoping for school tomorrow or Wednesday.  Kids also need routine back. They have been loving all the free time with friends, staying up late,  and I don’t think they’ve eaten a fruit or vegetable in days.  But the more school we miss, the less breaks they get later and it’s time to get back to structure.

I saw someone posted on Facebook two funny lines that rang true for me this week:

“Tonight we’re going to party like it’s 1899!”



“Will insurance cover the damage to my liver as a result of Hurricane Sandy?”

Indeed we have been drinking every night by candlelight. It’s been fun and social and bonding in many ways, but after a while even that third glass or Pinot can’t warm you up or make you feel safe!

I can’t believe the election is tomorrow and I’ve missed so much storm and election coverage. I HATE being unplugged.  I miss TV and the internet!!

Those are my initial thoughts. Sorry for roughness of this post but I’ve got to leave the office to begin my long trek home. I’m wearing a minimum of four layers of clothing and lugging around iPad, phone and rechargers so I’m prepared for whatever the night brings. We likely have to sleep at a friend’s tonight because the house is officially so cold it’s unsafe for the kids. Send positive energy towards NJ that we all get power and peace soon!

Will post again when I get back online.

Hope you are all safe and warm or will be soon!




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  1. I want to do one for Hannakah