4 responses to “My two-cents on new TV

  1. i actually cant look at your blog, it makes me miss Toronto SO much.the phtoos are beautiful, and so is the fall season youve captured :).ps. i read One Day, a customer left it behind in one of the rooms i was cleaning. its alright i dunno maybe the movie is better? i really like the concept tho.customers have kindly left behind yogurt and wine as well. om nom nomstay classy!

  2. Thanks for commenting! For all you Connie Britton lovers, here’s a link sent by a friend of an editorial she wrote in USA today. Enjoy.

  3. I’m really loving Nashville, and I agree Connie Britton is the best part. Other pretty good new show is Elementary, Johnny Lee Miller is fun as a modern Sherlock.

  4. As strange as it sounds, I’ve actually made a commitment to watch more TV these days. That being said (or confessed), I am psyched for the Mindy Project recommendation. I also just starting watching Girls from your recommendation awhile back and am totally hooked. I’m a little behind- I know, but hoping with your help to catch up fast!