New Fall TV Season: Hopelessly Devoted to the Tube

Ever since I was a kid, this time of year got me jazzed for the new TV season. I pored over entertainment articles about upcoming shows and eagerly anticipated my returning favorites. I pitied  friends and family who claimed they didn’t have the time or interest to keep up with TV.

I fear I have become one of those people.

My brother (also a TV junkie) asked me the other day which new shows I liked and whether I had started “Homeland” and “Modern Family.”  I panicked. This is the first time in a long while that I’m completely behind on my TV repertoire and it’s stressing me out a little bit.

Life’s busy now that I’m back to work, and at this time of year the school and sports activities are endless.  And I also need to find time to blog for you people! My TV-watching window has decreased significantly and I don’t feel quite myself.

Thanks to modern technology, I can be behind on many shows and still catch up, between the DVR and OnDemand channels. Is this good or bad…I’m not sure.  In some ways I’m comforted by the knowledge that the shows are there waiting for me….but also feel the pressure to watch.

Over the summer, I had grand plans of picking up a bunch of shows I missed last year and finishing up others I left mid-season. I did manage to watch some but yet more eluded me.

I’m done harping on this digital dilemma. Instead I’ll cut to the chase and give you my overly obsessive list of where I stand in my TV commitments….

Shows I’m devoted to no matter what:   Mad Men,  Parenthood, Boardwalk Empire, Modern Family, Nurse Jackie, How I Met your Mother, Daily Show, Saturday Night Live.

Shows I enjoy occasionally but can’t commit:  The New Normal, X Factor.

New shows I’m determined to try and know I’ll love:  The Mindy Project, Nashville, Revolution, Call the Midwife.

Shows I caught up on this summer and won’t give up:   Boss, Smash, New Girl, Homeland.

Shows piled up on my DVR because I want to watch them but somehow get pushed to last priority:  30 Rock, Gossip Girl, Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Shows that have jumped the shark or gotten stale but I just can’t quit:  Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Office, The Big C.

Shows I would love to watch if Wilson wouldn’t judge me and leave the room:  Real Housewives of NJ/NY, Katie, Oprah’s Lifeclass.

Shows I regret missing completely:  American Horror Story, Glee, Weeds.

Shows I have missed but will find time to watch before I go gray: Breaking Bad, The Wire, Downton Abbey.

Here’s a link to some of the new shows this season with brief reviews. I’d love to hear which shows you’re watching and which you think I can let go. Tell me in the comments.

6 responses to “New Fall TV Season: Hopelessly Devoted to the Tube

  1. Oh no!!. What about The Good Wife??

  2. One show that you havent mentioned that is AMAZING is HAPPY ENDINGS. Six 20-something friends living in Chicago, the cast and chemistry is incredible, and more witty and smart than Friends. I think this will be your new favorite show. New season starts 10/23 at 9pm on abc. New shows I’ve watched are Elementary, Sherlock Holmes in current NYC with Lucy Liu as Watson. Its pretty good so far. Last Resort is Hunt for Red October meets Lost, so I dont think you would like it. Big surprise is how good Go On is with Matthew Perry, very cute and funny, despite the mawkish premise. I am having a hard time liking Revolution, and may drop it if it doesnt pull me in fast. Another show I dont think you have ever mentioned is the Good Wife. One of the best shows on TV, period. And I know you love Josh Charles from Sports Night, so please give it a chance. I expect to read a blog about how much you love Happy Endings and Good Wife by the end of November!

  3. Honey, you left out Girls – that is one of our favorite shows, also. I find it interesting, though, and hypocritical, that we are on our kids’ backs all the time to watch less tv, play less video games, etc., and yet we have the tv on in our house literally from the time we open our eyes in the morning until we fall asleep at night. And instead of Real and Desparate Housewives, or the Swan, what about reading a good book? Listening to music?

  4. Girls is my guilty pleasure too! I will add to your Shows you have missed but determined to watch is DEFINITELY FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Wilson would watch with you too. Same producers as Parenthood. BUT I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT: BREAKING BAD !! Put that on the top of your ….Before you go gray list…. Its all on Netflix. It has 1 more season to go out live. Jim and I started it a couple weeks ago and I have neglected many evening duties, chores, am sleep deprived but I just cant get enough of it. Another one that is great for you + hubby. Its crazy well-written, plots are twisted and good, Acting is definitely worthy of the emmys they have received! BREAKING BAD BREAKING BAD BREAKING BAD. JUST DO IT !!
    (ps, i loved this blog and the categories,,,,very very funny!)

  5. I already told you we love Downton Abbey but Paul has lately found Mayberry RFD reruns. They are hilarious. Ron Howard is pretty cute as Obie and of course Aunt Bee and Barney are funny and charming.

  6. and Girls? My guilty pleasure is Cheer on CMT which I only watch online when absolutely no one can catch me doing it. GO CJA!!