Joys of Parenting: It’s the Little Things

Some days your kids disappoint/frustrate/infuriate you and bring out your worst self. Other days they bring home this:

by Eli, age 6.

In case you needed translation (I did):

I love my Mommy because:

She helps me.

She takes care of me.

She makes me dinner.

She carries me.

She loves me back.

I was an English major in college but this is the most beautiful poem I’ve ever read. It now lives in my kitchen and when I look at it, I’m reminded of why we do what we do and why every last bit is worth it.

Enjoy your kids today.

3 responses to “Joys of Parenting: It’s the Little Things

  1. Love this one!!!!

  2. SuperAuntieNan

    My favorite is “She loves me back.” I just love that!!

  3. Michael Lefferts

    Now I wouldn’t say this, but here’s what my friend Mel would say about kids: “Ah, kids, they’re really nice, but to be great they would have to give you unconditional love (like dogs) and get a job and bring in some money to the family by the age of four or five. Now that’s a perfect kid!”