Celebrity Couple Scoop is a Myth

I’m a pop culture fan and fascinated by celebrities, so I love gossip magazines and entertainment shows as much as the next gal (or guy who’s willing to admit it.) But the recent furor over personal details of celebrity couples’ relationships  is getting out of hand.

First, there was Tom and Katie.

Yes, it was huge news. The speed with which the divorce was handled (less than a month?!) and his strict Scientology faith made the story intriguing.  We’d all like to know what goes on in the Cruise home but getting that story would be mission impossible. Somehow Tom has put a tight lid on all those close to him so the public doesn’t know the answers to a myriad of questions we have about his personal life.

Yet there are all the tabloids, week after week– touting “insider details” of the split. I’m sure there’s some non-disclosure clause that Katie signed that guarantees her a pile of dough if she keeps mum. I don’t think we’ll ever know that whole story, and maybe we can’t handle the truth.

from telegraph.co.uk

Actress Kristen Stewart apparently cheated on Robert Pattinson with her older, married director, dashing the hopes of millions of “Twilight” fans pulling for a real life happy ending. It’s scandalous and sad for Twi-hards who follow their every move.

This week Twitter was blowing up and show producers were salivating over Robert’s first media interview since the epic split.  Pattinson appeared on “the Daily Show,” where Jon Stewart set the tone by offering him a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and some girl talk to help him through the breakup.

As Stewart pointed out– although his show has hosted rockers, movie stars, and presidents– it had never before had the enormous crowd of screaming fans and rows of overweight paparazzi camped outside that night, all waiting for a glimpse of the jilted lover.

Pattinson– who, in the interest of privacy,  had barely acknowledged the couple was dating for the last several years–  briefly referenced the break up and moved on to promoting his new movie. Those vampire lips are sealed and any tidbit the relentless media gets on that relationship will be suspect.

This headline says it all. In the same week that Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Thereaux got engaged, Star magazine proclaimed the relationship done in a cover story clearly filled with false information.

I’m a fan of Jen’s style and comedic talent and have wanted her to be happy since Brad broke her heart and then John Mayer stomped all over it. I was glad to hear she’s engaged, but I’m ready to move on with my life.

I don’t need the play-by-play of the proposal, which family members and friends she told first, or whether the news was timed to coincide with Brangelina’s much anticipated wedding. Ick! Leave the gal alone and let her enjoy her moment.

Our celebrity-obsessed society has made chasing these stories an Olympic sport.   I’m not sure who is fueling the interest. My favorite part of the lifestyle mags is the photos in the first few pages to see who’s with who, where they’re going, and what they’re wearing. I like People because it still has some journalistic integrity and doesn’t seem to make up gossip as much as the others.

But there must me millions out there who regularly visit the gossip well and drink the KoolAid because the celebrity magazines and websites keep dishing it out, regardless of whether it’s true. How can any self-respecting person continue to read Star after such a blatant error?

We’ll never know what really happened in these celebrity relationships and I’m ok with that. It’s none of our business.

One response to “Celebrity Couple Scoop is a Myth

  1. Thank you for commenting that People still has some journalistic integrity. I tell my husband that every week as my issue arrives, and I dive for it, while he rolls his eyes.