2012 Emmy Nominations: Heights and Slights

Oh how I love the Emmy’s. Maybe you’ve noticed I’m not afraid to admit TV has been my joy since I was old enough to work a remote (back then it had only 6 buttons and we called it a “clicker.”)  Today the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the Emmy nominations for best in shows.

Who will be walking the red carpet with head held high and who got snubbed? For the full list of nominations click this link.

Here’s my take:

–I’m thrilled that “Girls” was recognized for outstanding comedy series, lead actress, director, and writer after just 10 short but brilliant episodes. Judd Apatow produces but it’s my new hero– the amazing 26-year-old Lena Dunham— who writes, directs, produces and stars in this HBO comedy about 20-something girls in NYC. It’s “Sex in the City” meets “Manhattan” meets “Juno” and it’s my favorite new show on TV.


I’m rooting for Merritt Wever to win best supporting actress for her exceptional work on Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to rewind a scene because I was laughing my ass off and couldn’t hear the next line. Wever has created one of the most unique characters on TV in Zoey. She takes kooky to a whole new level. Is it weird that I want her to move in with my family? I’m pulling for you and your cartoon scrubs Merritt. You go girl!

Merritt Wever as Zoey on
“Nurse Jackie”/Showtime

One show that’s sure to dominate in the comedy category is “Modern Family.”  Wilson and I crack up at the characters and the writing is clever without any cheap or obvious tricks. Almost every actor on the show is nominated– with good reason as they’re all irrepressibly talented– but Eric Stonestreet as Cameron is beyond.  I also love Julie Bowen as Claire and the timing of Sofia Vergara’s Gloria…but they’re up against Merritt so I’m going to hope for a “MF” win in the best comedy  and writing categories.

As for lead actress in a comedy series, it’s like Sophie’s Choice for me among Lena Dunham, Edie Falco as “Nurse Jackie” and Queen of Quirk Zooey Deschanel for Fox’s “New Girl.” All formidable dames who own their characters.

I hope Jimmy Fallon wins for hosting “SNL”— one of the funniest 90 minutes I’ve seen in a long while. The gifted Kristin Wiig was also nominated for her scores of oddball characters on “SNL”– good luck Target lady!

For Outstanding Drama, I was happy to see HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” nominated for several awards. The scripts are excellent and the art direction sublime but it’s still no “Mad Men.”  Of course, Jon Hamm is up for best lead actor and on the drama writing slate, “MM” got 3 of the 5 nods.

Mad Men/AMC

Nominees for Outstanding Children’s Program include: “Degrassi,” “Good Luck Charlie,” “iCarly,” “Victorious,” and “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Really?! Outstanding?! Mr Rogers is rolling over in his grave.

I was surprised to see that “American Idol”  was not recognized in the best reality show category. I doubt those two dance shows and “Project Runway” have more to offer but apparently there was enough room for “The Voice”  in this contest. But the always reliable, affable, and consumately professional Ryan Seacrest will get a shot at best reality host. What number do I text to vote for you Ryan?

Also snubbed was one of my all-time favs, “How I Met Your Mother.”  How is Neil Patrick Harris overlooked for his brilliant turn as Barney and how are the writers not rewarded for consistently funny, creative scripts and believable characters? Tsk, tsk Academy.

In other Emmy injustices…. Hugh Laurie got no love in his last season on “House,” “Glee” was undernominated and the dashing and dastardly Timothy Olyphant was overlooked for FX’s “Justified.”  But the one that knocked the plasma outta me was the Academy not recognizing  “Mad Men’s”    John Slattery. It’s enough to drive me to drink.

You can see more snubs here and here.

Where will I be when the Emmy’s are handed out on September 23rd?  Curled up on the couch in front of the tube, with a giant bowl of popcorn and chocolate almonds, clutching my cell phone and laptop so I can text friends and follow the action on Twitter.

I wasn’t playing when I told you I was a TV geek.

4 responses to “2012 Emmy Nominations: Heights and Slights

  1. We still call it a clicker…

    • I like the new format with the conntstaets dancing with the All Stars rather than each other. The dance routines are better, the conntstaets improve faster, and the show is much more enjoyable. I do have two concerns: the increase in injuries I believe is due to the increased pressure on the dancers to be better than best with each dance; the judges are feeding into this by an increase in personal references rather than giving objective info regarding their dance performance; the choreographers are givng more complex routines it seems to get more praise from judges and win an award for their routine (see Lithcore [sp]) comments about a tough routine last week. These kids are amatuers for the most part, let’s not run their careers with injuries from unnecessary, inappropriate pressure from others. One of my favorite shows. Dorothy W from Pinole

  2. Agree with all the above, especially in your love of Girls and Lena, that show cracks me up and brings me back to the good old days (and not so good days) of being a twenty something in the city.

    Biggest snub for me was also John Slattery and also some of the cast from GOT. Maisie Williams had a phenomenal year, she had some of the best scenes all season!

    BTW, my 75 year old mother still calls it the “clicker”

  3. Edie Falco’s Nurse Jackie is a supporting role? Michael J Fox all the way (or anyone from The Good Wife)!