Happy Father’s Day Wilson!

Last night, Wilson and I spent two excruciating hours in the Emergency Room with our 6-year-old Eli, who was writhing in pain and discomfort after an insect flew deep into his ear.  We had to hold him down while doctors prodded and flushed his ear until it bled, but still nothing came out.

The experience exhausted Eli and although he wanted that bug out– after two hours of poking around– he just needed everyone to leave his ear alone. At around midnight, we got drops to numb the ear and will have to see an ENT this week. He slept well and seems better today so we feel lucky.

Who stayed calm and comforting by Eli’s side the whole night?   Wilson.

It was late and after a long Saturday full of events, we were tired and worried about the possibility the doctors would have to sedate Eli with anesthesia to take out the bug. At points I was exasperated and snippy, but Wilson was unflappable.

He tried to distract Eli by discussing minute details of Star Wars Lego Xbox game scenarios and promised him ice cream as doctors pushed water and sharp objects into his raw ear canal.  He smiled and stroked Eli’s cheek and back all night.

It’s fitting that Wilson spent the early hours of Father’s Day doing what he does best: loving and supporting his kids.  Then he went on to coach baseball and man the barbecue before tucking the boys into their beds tonight.

My kids made the requisite Father’s Day cards for Wilson this year that hailed him as “The Best Daddy Ever.”

Last night, he proved it.

I  dedicate this post to Wilson. If everyone had a dad like him, we’d all be better people. I know there’ll be at least three amazing men coming your way soon.

7 responses to “Happy Father’s Day Wilson!

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  2. What a guy that Wilson is! Did the bug come out of Eli’s ear yet? Poor kid. Hope you’re all well.

  3. I hope Eli is ok Brooke! I’m thinking of him 🙂 – Susie

  4. Thanks for all the comments and emails. Eli is doing much better today and we have an ENT appointment this afternoon. If they actually take a bug out I will be sure to post a photo!

  5. Aw, that sounds like an awful experience. What a trooper Eli was and what a great dad got there. Hope all is better soon!

  6. SuperAuntieNan

    Way to go Wilson!!!

  7. Poor Eli!! I hope the ENT is successful with the debugging. All hail Wilson and your three amazing men-in-training! They’ve got a fantastic role model.