Idol Finale Predictions

Phil Phillips and Jessica Sanchez Faced Off in the Idol Finale

Just finished watching “Idol” and wanted to make my predictions before the big finale tomorrow night. It was tough to hear tonight because of the enormous, rowdy crowd but the judges’ input was almost irrelevant at this point.

Jessica belted it out with her power voice and command of the stage. She was styled well and seemed to enjoy the moment. She killed Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” but I didn’t love her second two forgettable song choices. While I admire her talent, I don’t feel anything when she sings. Still, there’s no denying her amazing pipes and presence.

Phillip’s first song , “Stand By Me” was Phil-ified but understated, which worried me. But he came back with a funky version of Billy Joel’s “Moving Out, ” which I loved, and then won the crowd over with his last song, “Home.” I felt like I was watching VH1’s Storytellers. He has an intensity and vulnerability when he sings– it’s like I’m peeking deep into his soul and feeling how much he loves the music.


I’ve rooted for Phillip since his audition and am not surprised he’s in the finale. In fact, I went back to my original Idol post from March 19th and found this nugget:

My Idol predictions:  In the next few weeks we’ll lose Elise, Erika, and hopefully Deandre…soon to be followed by Heejun. Then it will get dicey and anyone could go but I’m going to say Phil, Colton, Jessica, and Joshua will be in the top four.  A great finale would be Phil vs. Jessica but I’ll have to weigh in again on the finale after a few more weeks.  

My money’s still on my boy, Phil. I hope all those teenaged girls who make up the “Idol” voting majority dial his numbers til their little fingers hurt.

Let’s face it, both Jessica and Phillip– and even Joshua– will all get record deals, so they’ve already won.  Win or lose tomorrow night, their lives are forever changed.

Who do you think will win? Tell me in the comments.

4 responses to “Idol Finale Predictions

  1. Just bought “Home” on iTunes!

  2. I’m not one of those teenaged girls (I’m in my 50’s!), but I did vote for Phillip till my fingers hurt 🙂 I love watching him perform. I hope he pulls it off!

  3. I’m totally Team Phillip, but I thought this was a really boring finale. I thought it was really lame that they had the contestants do songs they’d already done before, and I never like the special Idol singles. I’m tired of Jessica’s ballads, too- 3 ballads in a row is really dull.

  4. I agree B. I’m for PP all the way!