Rock a Bye Maxi!

We waited. We watched. We clucked our tongues in sympathy.

But after months of red carpet muumuu moments and too many personal pregnancy details, it finally happened kids. Jessica Simpson’s baby has arrived.

Photo from Elle Magazine

It seemed like that squirt was never gonna come out, but today Simpson gave birth to her first child: a daughter named Maxwell Drew Johnson.

If you’re planning to send a gift, skip the newborn size because Maxwell weighed in at 9 pounds, 13 ounces. OUCH! I hope she had an epidural.

I’m not going to say anything about the name. It’s classic Hollywood to try to out-crazy one’s peers with an avant-garde name. Except now unconventional names for kids of stars are so….. conventional. Calling her Maxi could be cute, though.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing her decked out in Bon Pointe cashmere and Louboutin booties soon enough. And I can’t wait for the photo spread in OK of her designer nursery and closet full of clothes worth more than my minivan.

Stars aren’t really just like us… except at 3AM when their baby’s crying. That baby joy is the same for everyone.

2 responses to “Rock a Bye Maxi!

  1. LOL! Now I’m waiting for that too!

  2. Maxi could be cute. Although, I’m not looking forward to a photo spread in People about her nursery called “Maxi’s Pad”. You know it’s coming. 😉