My Top 7 to Follow on Twitter

Curious about Twitter but need to know who to follow? Let me help.

Twitter turned 6 years old last week. Hard to believe it’s been around that long—it wasn’t on my radar until about a year and a half ago. Now I can’t stop. It’s my guilty pleasure and sometimes my enemy.

I started out slow, intimidated by how to use it. Hashtags and retweets were confusing. I was so green about the blue bird. But it’s not brain surgery, kids. Now I’m versed in its wonder and addicted to the camaraderie it offers. It’s probably the former news producer in me, but I find cruising Twitter extremely satisfying.

I’ve tried to lure in my techno-phobic family and friends by explaining it’s like a worldwide water cooler. You go to Twitter to be part of the conversation.

Sounds like Facebook you say? Yes, it’s a similar social media model. But it’s more interesting when I’m in control of content.  Whom I follow is my choice and I can unfollow in a heartbeat, with no hard feelings.

It’s difficult to say no to friending on Facebook, even if I don’t have the slightest interest in my former colleague’s trip to Vegas or kid haircut photos from a high school acquaintance.

On Twitter I can stalk celebrities safely, much like reading the star sightings in gossip mags—but live. I can read what Courteney Cox is doing in NYC and what Arianna Huffington thought of the State of the Union address, in real-time. I turn to Twitter when news events happen— like an earthquake, political debate, Whitney Houston’s death, or award shows– to see what people are talking about.

Tweets can only be 140 characters so there’s a creative challenge to say a lot in few words. You waste less time reading through long posts and comments. I can stroll through my Twitter feed while on line at the grocery store.

Many of you naysayers will claim you don’t need another time suck. I agree. It’s tragic how many hours I’ve lost going through the “follow” lists of people I follow. It’s not efficient or productive, but it’s fun.

If you haven’t already, give it a whirl. It takes two secs to sign up and I’ll give you a few Twitter favorites to follow:

@crushabledotcom (entertainment scoop with some edge)

@AliEWentworth (funny bits from a regular mom in a famous life)

@chucktodd (NBC Newsguy Tweets intelligently abt politics and sports)

@ryanseacrest (Tweets during Idol commercials, has insider music info)

@DannyZuker (“Modern Family” writer, hilarious and often offensive)

@iamsambee (“Daily Show’s” Samantha Bee owns mommy sarcasm)

@sethmeyers21 (“SNL” head writer makes many funnies in few words)

Who do you follow on Twitter? Tell me in the comments and don’t forget to follow me @carpoolcandy!



6 responses to “My Top 7 to Follow on Twitter

  1. You are simply amazing! I never tried Twitter till just now, with your helping hand 🙂 Thx!!

  2. I aloso recommend @mashable for news and @lenadunham of Girls on HBO

  3. Laurie Zlotnick

    I follow Andy Cohen, of course!

    • Yes! @bravoandy is a prolific and often funny Tweeter.

      Check out my blog: and follow me on Twitter @carpoolcandy Sent from my iPad